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   Chapter 398 The Boss-Employee Relationship

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More drama was needed, Roger thought. So he stood up, bowed deep and said, "While I had to admit to a romantic relationship with Miss Bai, I will make it clear it was in the past. I am now appealing to the public to please respect her privacy, especially her married life even if we, as artists, are susceptible to gossip. While publicity is good for my TV shows and help people recognize me as an actor, I would appreciate not hearing baseless comments about my private life."

But the press wanted to know more. "Did you know that Miss Bai and her husband Edward Lu are getting a divorce and he wants to divorce her?" a reported inquired.

Ever the actor, Roger pretended to be stunned by the news. "But why? I've long ended my relationship with Miss Bai so it can't be the reason for their parting, " he said.

Roger sought out a camera, looked directly into it and said, "Edward, I know we have never met. But I want to sincerely apologize for any trouble I may have caused your marriage. And while Miss Bai and I have parted a long time ago, I will not blame you for whatever actions you may take regarding the matter."

His admission was well accepted and gained him more recognition that was very good for his TV shows. And the media began to shift their attention from gossiping about Roger's private life to his acting career.

Rachel, however, was furious over Roger's claims made during the press conference. She hurled everything within reach and shattered every breakable item in sight. The nurse who came in was appalled at the mess and expressed her displeasure. "Miss Bai, this is a hospital. You have no right to behave that way!"

But the patient was raving mad and screamed, "Out of my sight!"

She pointed at the nurse and menacingly said, "Get out of here!"

But the nurse would not be cowed. "This is our hospital, a public facility, and not your house or private room. We will not tolerate smashing hospital property!"

Unfortunately, the nurse was well aware of the scandal Rachel was involved in and looke


And he replied with utmost composure. "You have so many suspicions, and that's not healthy, " said Charles. "What you would say is a normal relationship between a boss and an employee? And why do you think I would alienate you?"

Charles was only too grateful to David for warning him about Leila. Otherwise, he might have fallen for her ploy. Right now, his impulse was to fire Leila.

But he was aware there was nothing to justify such a decision.

"Mr. Lu, I think you misunderstood what I was saying, " said Leila.

She tried to explain, "I consider it an honor to work with you, and I am satisfied with the work I do. I simply ask for some time to put an end to this endless gossip."

Charles slapped his hand on the desk. "Okay, enough of defending yourself."

His aversion to Leila apparent, Charles remarked, "Whether it's rumor or fact, we'll just let it pass. Time will prove it wrong or right. Actually, it does not bother me at all. I hope you will continue with your excellent work for the company and just forget all that talk."

Slightly embarrassed, Leila replied, "Thank you, Mr. Lu. I understand what I have to do."

As she turned to leave, Leila felt burning hatred for Autumn. All her efforts to seduce and get close to Charles were for nothing. She now realized the man was even more indifferent to her than before.

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