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   Chapter 394 Rachel's Pregnancy, Edward's Fury (Part Three)

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Edward stared at Rachel while recalling his ordeal. "When I was given the news, I went to seek the opinion of several other doctors, going to hospitals here and abroad, asking if there was a way to reverse my condition. But everyone said the same thing. There was still no cure for this medical condition."

His eyes then took on a look of steel. "And then you tell me that your pregnancy test says you're having a baby? Do you really think you can fool me? Not everyone is as stupid as you are!" he spat.

Edward drew a long breath and then exhaled deeply. He was beginning to regret not listening to Chris' advice before deciding to marry Rachel. He even defended Rachel in front of his family, hoping to make them see that Rachel was really a kind and wonderful woman and that they simply misunderstood her. Now everything he'd said and done seemed so ridiculous. Everyone, except himself, saw Rachel's true character.

No one was more surprised at the revelations than Chris. And she knew underneath the anger, her father was really just saddened by Rachel's deception. This time, the woman was truly reaping what she had sown.

But Edward was her main concern. "Dad, you know how too much anger is bad for your health. You need to calm down. Here, have some water, " she offered.

Chris handed him a glass, and then assured her father, "No matter what happens, I'm here for you. You will never be alone."

Edward suddenly felt uncomfortable hearing his daughter's reassuring words. He realized he owed the girl so much for everything that had happened in the last twenty years. And if he'd only listened to her warning about Rachel, things may not have gotten worse.

It was true what people said that experience was the best teacher. But it was lucky for Edward who could do something about bad situations.

Seeing that she was not gaining any sympathy, Rachel bawled out loud and clutched her husband's leg. "Edward, I am truly sorry. Please, please forgive me, " she begged.

In her heart, she knew Edward would never trust her again, so Rachel decided the best thing to do was grovel. Perhaps, that would soften his heart even just a little.

"For a moment, I lost my mind. I am truly sorry. And I won't ever dare betray you again, " she vowed.

She clung to Edward's leg, pleading, "I really regret my behavior and actions. I know I was wrong. But I am sorry for it now. Please give me a chance, Edward."

But her husband would not be pacified. "Get away from me!" he shouted.

He was so disgusted about what she had done and could not contain his rage, even with her apology. He went with his emotions and kicked Rachel hard. The impact caused her to fall, and her head slammed into a teapot.

Everyone was taken aback, and no one moved quickly enough to catch Rachel.

There was a loud thump when the head and teapot collided, and soon Rachel's head started to bleed. She passed out.

The sight of bloo

get away from her quickly.

"I needed to fill my prescription, " Leila explained while holding up her purchase.

She asked with a big smile, "I heard you and Mrs. Lu went away for your honeymoon. How was your trip? It must have been a wonderful holiday."

Charles spoke briskly to escape Leila. "Uhm, I have an emergency to deal with and have no time to chat. Excuse me, " he said with a hint of impatience.

He saw Leila blush in embarrassment at being dismissed but felt no guilt about his behavior. Charles hurried Leila along saying, "If you've finished your business here, you better go on home."

She was about to say something but sensed Charles' cold reception.

She masked her displeasure over his attitude, and after a short pause, she put on an aggrieved look for Charles' sake.

"Well, I'll see you then at work tomorrow, Mr. Lu."

Charles paid her no attention. Just as Leila turned to leave, she passed by Autumn and Chris who were coming back after buying food and coffee. Briefly, there was a twinge of jealousy, but then Autumn felt foolish for being suspicious about her husband and his secretary in the past. The time spent away with Charles erased those doubts and she was further assured after seeing her husband's cold treatment of Leila.

She called out her husband's name.

As Charles turned around, she came forward with a smile and said, "We bought food and coffee. You must be hungry by now."

She walked past Leila without even looking at the other woman.

Autumn finally came around after being convinced there was nothing going on between Charles and Leila. She vowed to stop stressing herself out over nothing.

"Thank you, Autumn, for your concern, " he said softly. His manner was in sharp contrast to how he just treated Leila.

Chris handed Edward a cup of coffee. Tired and haggard, he looked at his daughter and said, "It's late. You better go home and get some rest. I'll stay and keep watch."

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