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   Chapter 393 Rachel's Pregnancy, Edward's Fury (Part Two)

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Rachel also dialed Roger's number to tell him what Edward had done to her.

Hearing Charles' voice, she thought it was safe to come out of the room. And she quickly hid behind his back, to avoid being hurt by Edward. "Help me, please, " she reiterated her plea.

Rachel knew her unborn child was key to get a share of Edward's wealth so she would do everything to protect it.

"Come here, you bitch!" Edward roared and tried to grab Rachel.

He was so furious at seeing Rachel and would have reached her had Chris not held him back. The woman continued to cower behind Charles.

But Edward was unstoppable. He continued ranting, "Shameless bitch! You better tell me the truth. Who is that baby's father?"

Shaking from fear, she retorted, "Stop talking nonsense! Who else could the baby's father be?"

Rachel kept thinking that no one was aware of her affair with Roger so she had to keep up the lie that it was Edward's baby.

But her husband would have none of it. "I'll kill you if you don't stop lying!"

Edward was shaking in anger, too. And he badly wanted to beat up his wife after what she said. Chris, however, used all her strength to prevent her father from hurting his wife.

Despite her bleeding hand, she held on to Edward tightly, and hugged him. She cried, "Dad, you're going to kill her if you don't calm down. Please, let's sit down and talk this through."

But Edward was adamant. "Let me go, Chris! The only thing I want to do now is to get my hands on that woman!"

Eyes smoldering, he looked at his daughter and said, "I didn't trust you when you told me the truth about this woman. And I regret that now. If only I listened to you, I wouldn't have been cheated by this bitch! She needs to be taught a lesson, so don't try to stop me."

Rachel was not to be outdone. "What are you talking about? I have never cheated on you!" she screamed.

Fear, anxiety and nerves were getting to her, but she continued to deny his accusations.

Chris tried to reason with her father. "Dad, killing her is not worth it. At what cost, your freedom?"

She rubbed his back to pacify him. "Let's all calm down and talk. Fighting will never solve problems."

Edward gradually calmed down, as his daughter continued to hold on to him. Then he turned to Charles, "You shouldn't involve you

baby you're carrying is not mine?"

His confession startled both Charles and Chris. They looked at each other and then turned to Edward, whose eyes were filled with grief. Both of them realized the truth was kept from them because they were very young at that time.

Autumn, however, sort of had an idea what may have triggered Edward's violent reaction when told Rachel was having his baby. She never actually thought he would admit this before other people.

Edward spoke to Rachel quietly. "It is a shame for a man to admit he can't have children, so I kept it a secret for so many years. There is no way for me to believe you are having a child unless you cheated on me.

And I was so stupid to fall into your trap!" he said.

In disbelief, Rachel cried out, "No! That's impossible!"

She glared at her husband, trying to steady herself. Now she understood why Edward would look so unhappy each time she told him about wanting to have a baby. It was impossible for him to have a child.

The reality of the situation made Rachel panic. She'd made a huge mistake and had no idea how to get out of it.

Still, she refused to give up.

"Maybe the doctor who treated you made a mistake with the diagnosis."

Rachel suggested, "Sometimes, doctors can make mistakes."

Already caught, Rachel continued to deny that she had cheated on Edward and was having a baby with another man. She was turning restless, trying to concoct more lies. Her husband's secret was something she never imagined and now regretted becoming pregnant.

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