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   Chapter 392 Rachel's Pregnancy, Edward's Fury (Part One)

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Charles wrote down his phone number and email on a piece of paper and handed it to the photographer who promised to give him the photos he took of Charles and Autumn. "I will send them to you once I get home, " the lensman assured. There were no wedding pictures before, and Charles was very glad that he could make up for it now. The couple were so overjoyed and profusely thanked the photographer.

Dinner was equally enjoyable as Charles and Autumn had their share of sumptuous seafood. The next day, the couple went snorkeling and then climbing. Autumn knew she would always treasure their stay in the island resort, calling it the best days she had ever spent with her husband.

Meanwhile, Leila could not wait to get back to work as soon as the wound on her face started to heal. On her return, the rumors about her relationship with Charles had become widespread. The woman worried that if Charles heard of the rumor, he would treat her differently, and her efforts would have been for nothing. The other concern was David, who had left with Charles on the day they came to visit her. So she was quite anxious to see her boss again.

She had been waiting for hours, but still Charles did not show up and his office door remained shut.

Finally, she asked Alice who happened to walk by. "Alice, why hasn't Mr. Lu shown up yet?" Leila inquired. She had pulled her co-worker aside.

Surprised, Alice replied, "Oh, Mr. Lu said he was going away for a week with Mrs. Lu. They're on their honeymoon."

It was Leila's turn to be stunned.

"Honeymoon?" she nearly squeaked.

Her thoughts were in a scramble.

Inwardly she groaned. 'I've been doing everything so Charles and I would become closer, ' she thought. 'But once they get back from that honeymoon, their relationship will surely be stronger. What am I supposed to do now?'

Struggling with anger, she clenched her fists, which did not go unnoticed by Alice. She could not help but mock Leila, "They are husband and wife, after all, so there's nothing wrong if they went on a honeymoon trip, right?"

She continued to taunt Leila, "Why the long face? Are you all right?"

Leila quickly composed herself, and used her condition as an excuse. "Oh, I'm fine, although I suddenly don't feel well."

Alice pretended to be concerned. "If you're not feeling well, why don't you go home and rest some more. Mr. Lu did give you a holiday, didn't he?"

She looked at Leila closely and gave a slight smirk. Alice wished she could say her thoughts aloud. 'I know Leila has feelings for Mr. Lu. But how can she be so shameless as to ask me about his whereabouts like it was any of her business? Her ambition to break up the newlyweds by becoming his mistress is just a foolish fantasy!'

Aside from anger, Leila also

ther lash out at Chris than admit shamefully about her stepmother's unforgivable situation, which had shook his world.

He slapped away Chris's hand, but the force threw his daughter off-balance so she ended up slumped on the floor. Chris saw the cut on her hand caused by the shards of porcelein strewn on the ground.

Chris hissed in pain as she saw the trickle of blood oozing from her hand.

Autumn quickly helped Chris rise to her feet. She asked, "Are you hurt?"

Chris shook her head to assure Autumn that she was fine, and the injury was not serious. Throughout her ordeal, she kept her attention on Edward, who could no longer hide his fury.

She had never seen him so angry and it terrified her.

Just then, Charles walked into the room, frowning at the mess and looking at the faces of Chris and Edward. He looked around for Rachel but did not see her. He saw the cut on Chris's hand then asked, "What happened?"

As Chris was about to reply, the bedroom door opened and Rachel stepped out. She had locked herself in, fearful that Edward would hurt her. As soon as she heard Charles's voice, she came out to seek help. Rachel quickly moved behind Charles and grabbing his hand she pleaded, "Please help me!"

Rachel was in a dilemma about when to tell Edward she was pregnant. But she learned his lawyer was scheduled to come to the house that day and would be discussing about transferring his shares to Chris. Rachel knew she had to do it today. Edward had previously told her he did not want another child, but she did not take his words seriously.

So Rachel told Edward about the pregnancy and was stunned at his reaction, because he flew into a rage and slapped her hard on the face. Shocked and in pain, she was terrified he would hurt her even more. So she ran into the bedroom, locked herself in and then called Chris.

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