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   Chapter 391 On A Vacation

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On their way back home, Chris barely uttered a word until she asked a rather pertinent question, "Autumn, do you know... why Edward does not want to start a family with Rachel, after all they did just get married?"

Chris frowned, as she wondered what he was thinking. "He is old and just married Rachel, so he should be thrilled after learning that Rachel is pregnant? But Rachel's expression reflected that... my dad didn't want her to get pregnant, " Chris said confusedly.

Then she added, "I first noticed his weird expression and aversion when Rachel brought up the topic of having a child in our home." Autumn also got confused upon hearing Chris' dilemma. After a while, she too recalled what Gary told her right before they left and suddenly came upon a realization.

'Maybe... the fight Edward was involved in years ago had led to his impotency?

If that is the truth, then Edward's weird attitude and Gary's words could be justified and understood, ' Autumn thought.

"What are you thinking about?" Chris cast a glimpse at Autumn and asked.

Autumn stopped introspecting and added, "Nothing. Chris, if Rachel comes to bother you with this matter again, please just stay away from her. You shouldn't get involved in this drama, it will only lead to trouble with her involved."

If Autumn's guess was the truth, then Chris had better keep away from this, or else, she could cause trouble for herself.

Autumn was just about to leave for a vacation with Charles soon, but now suddenly all she could do was to worry about Chris.

"I understand." Chris nodded her head and added, "I'm not close with Rachel at all let alone sharing any relation, so there is no reason for me to get involved in her mess. I would be a fool not to know better."

Chris had never thought ill of Rachel's unborn baby, but she still wouldn't persuade Edward for Rachel.

"Okay." Autumn felt assured as she heard Chris' promise and said, "In short, stay away from Rachel recently and prevent her f

girl said with an air of mystery. She led Autumn to a dressing room and took off her wedding gown. "I think this gown will flatter you as well because your figure is similar to mine. Please put it on quickly, or else you won't be able to take your perfect wedding pictures after the sunset, " she said.

"Take photos?" Autumn was surprised and realized what Charles did for her. Even though she felt sorry for this couple, she was really moved by Charles' thoughtful gesture.

She looked at the girl with guilt and said, "I'm so sorry to have caused you so much trouble."

"Never mind." The girl happily put on the wedding gown for Autumn and said to her, "Your husband loves you so much and I'm happy to help you get your perfect moment. It makes my day even more memorable."

Then Autumn chatted with this girl for a short time, and realized that this couple also came from Y City. What a coincidence!

Charles had also changed his clothes as Autumn came out of the dressing room. He stood by the gate with a bunch of flowers in his hands while the the sun almost set behind him, giving Autumn a sense of eternity.

They took a set of beautiful pictures. The photographer praised that their affection for each other and their chemistry was clearly reflecting in the pictures even though they didn't pose on purpose.

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