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   Chapter 390 You Really Refuse To Do Me Such A Little Favor

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"After all, she is a young woman. It is quite easy and normal for her to get pregnant." Autumn tried to console Chris after she heard this shocking piece of information. Meanwhile, she wondered why Rachel had not informed Edward about her pregnancy in the first place, but instead called Chris to rub it in her face. This all seemed rather strange to her.

"What else did she tell you on this abrupt call?" Autumn asked curiously.

"She... asked me to come to a cafe in an hour to meet her. She said she had something rather important to discuss with me, " Chris answered honestly, seeking some guidance. "Autumn, what do you think her intentions are for this sudden invitation? Should I go to meet her or not? Please advise me as I am just shocked beyond words..."

"Of course you have to go and meet her. I mean why would you not?" said Autumn in a high-pitched, excited voice. She was too eager to find out what happened. "In fact, if you want, I will come along with you!"

She really wanted to know what Rachel was up to next, so she encouraged Chris to meet her and listen to what she had to say now.

"Are you sure I should meet her? I mean after knowing what kind of a woman she is..." asked Chris again seeking assurance, as she was a little bogged down.

"Yes, I suppose so, " replied Autumn, as she looked into Chris's eyes.

As Chris went upstairs to change her clothes and get ready, Gary came up to Autumn and asked, "What were you two talking about right now? Did I hear it right, Rachel's pregnant?"

"Oh, yeah, at least that's what Rachel told Chris on the call, " answered Autumn. She then noticed Gary's face turning pale upon getting the confirmation on what he thought he heard. "What's the matter, grandpa?" she inquired with concern almost immediately.

"But that's impossible..." Gary frowned and muttered vaguely. "How could she possibly get pregnant?"

"Hmph?" Autumn could not understand what was making Gary so nervous and stressed. "What, grandpa, what makes you say that? I mean why do you think she cannot conceive?"

"Oh, never mind." Gary's expression slowly returned to that of being calm and peaceful. "I was just wondering why she got pregnant so early into their marriage. I mean after all you know, Edward is old, and they got married not long ago, " he explained his reasoning.

"You have a point, but who knows what goes on between a couple..." replied Autumn softly with a shrug.

While they were speaking, Chris came downstairs in a different dress, all ready to push off for coffee. "Are you heading out now?" Gary asked.

Autumn nodded an

you find it appropriate to ask a favor from me? Are you kidding me?" Chris gave her a cold glance as she continued, "I don't think we know each other well enough for me to help you in any way possible. So no, I refuse to extent any form of assistance or help to you!"

"There is no need for you to be so abrupt and mean." Rachel frowned. "I'm your stepmother, and that cannot be challenged. With that said, I just want you to do me a little favor. Are you really going to be so heartless?"

Chris remained quiet with a straight face, and Rachel went on, "Chris, please listen to me. I once told your dad that I wanted to have a child, but he... had reacted rather harshly to the entire suggestion. He insisted that he wanted you to be his only child in his life. I'm afraid... if I tell him now that I'm pregnant and he doesn't want the baby, I will have to... "

She lowered her head as she choked on her tears and words. "Now you are the person your dad loves and cares about the most. He will definitely listen to what you say. So, I want you to... persuade him to keep this baby. It has a life and I really... don't want to lose it. I cannot even think of aborting this life that grows inside of me."

"You are the mother. No one can stop you from keeping it, " replied Chris. "What's more, this is a matter between you and my dad whether to keep the baby or not. As an outsider, I have no business getting involved in this. It is better if you deal with it yourself."

"You really refuse to do me such a small favor?" Rachel cried with a look of despair.

"Yes, handle it yourself, I am not doing you any favor!" Chris insisted indifferently.

She then left with Autumn, leaving Rachel alone there as they found her.

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