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   Chapter 389 Rachel Is Pregnant

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"I'm so sorry for how I acted and how I believed everyone without any questions, Manager Ye. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me, " Yoyo begged.

Autumn smiled and said in a humble tone, "Okay, what ever has happened is all in the past now. Actually I also am responsible for what I suffered. So let us learn from it and move past it."

Then she said in a painful tone, "I really hate to get into trouble and the negative energy so I didn't spare any effort to explain myself when all of you misunderstood me. It was my fault. I should have cleared the air and laid the truth in front of you."

"From now on, let's open our hearts to each other and avoid any misunderstanding between one another, " she optimistically added.

"Wow, you are very kind, easygoing and humble, just the same as what Isla told me!" Yoyo sighed and regretted having cause so much unecessary drama for Autumn.

"Let's forget all the unhappiness in the past and restart a new chapter together, one of joy and faith!" Autumn cast a grateful glimpse at Isla who was drinking with others. Autumn really appreciated Isla for all her help, support and silence.

Without Isla, Autumn wouldn't have been able to accomplish what she did today.

With that Autumn felt lucky and blessed to have found such a faithful and loving friend.

As dinner was almost over, Isla who was drunk passed out in Aron's arms. Both of them and Autumn were the last to leave the venue. Aron asked Autumn, "Do you need I to escort you home?"

"No, thank you. I will be just fine." Autumn nodded and said, "Charles is on his way to pick me up. You can carry on now because Isla is drunk and is in desperate need of rest."

"Okay, goodbye." Isla was smashed so he had to rush her home.

All of their colleagues too had left now. Some left by taxi, while others were picked up by their friend

calling Chris must have been Rachel. Unexpectedly, Rachel really got pregnant, but nobody knew if the baby's father was Edward or Roger.

"Mrs. Lu, did you hear what I just said?" Roger asked her.

"Yes, I did, " Autumn answered as she was still accepting what she just heard.

"Rachel told me that she was coming to the hospital for a physical check in the morning. I never expected it was because she was pregnant. The first thing she did after learning this news was to call Miss Lu to show off. I hope to tell you this in advance so you can handle the situation." Autumn heard Rachel's impatient voice echoing from the background as Roger finished his speaking, "Who you are calling? I have one more check to do, come here!"

Roger then blurted out abruptly in fear, "Sorry, I have no time to speak more. Bye!"

Roger hung up the call in a hurry. Autumn returned to the living room and found Chris sitting in the sofa restlessly. She sat down beside Chris and asked her, "What happened?"

"Autumn, Rachel... is pregnant." Chris said with a shocked expression. She never expected Rachel to get pregnant in such a short time after marrying Edward especially not after the way Edward reacted the last time about having a child.

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