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   Chapter 388 A Celebratory Dinner

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Andy stared at Autumn seeking a positive response. "Moreover, the launch event was a success. If Father and Mother find out that I didn't give you any bonus, they will scold me quite harshly. So please just honor me to do something for you simply based on your merits."

Autumn blushed pink. After all, Paula did go out her way to ensure the launch event was ruined. She said awkwardly, "Uncle Andy, Paula had a problem with me. She stole all the merchandise as an act of revenge."

"Don't worry about that. You saved the day and that is all that matters now, " Andy comforted her, "Once you informed me about the missing clothes, I immediately called the police. By now, I am sure the police must have arrived and will take her away for further questioning after conducting preliminary investigation."

Andy thought to himself, 'A person as foul as Paula deserves what she gets. Autumn used to tolerate her while being generous towards her. But her kindness was repaid with ingratitude. So this time, I swear not to let her go unpunished.'

Autumn was the reason Paula became so notorious. Paula would seize every chance to embarrass Autumn and put her down. She knew that today was Giant Promise Company's launch event. After managing to sneak backstage without anyone noticing, she stole the samples from the mannequins which Giant Promise Company delicately prepared and hid them in a corner. She hoped that Autumn would land in trouble.

She was so confident that she would not get caught. Instead of leaving at once, she kept lurking on the premise to witness Autumn's despair. If the launch event turned out to be a failure, it was unlikely for anyone to cooperate with Autumn. To her astonishment, the launch event had turned around and was a complete triumph. What's more, Isla's humble words earned a good reputation for Cloud Advertising Company.

The more Paula thought about it, the angrier she felt. Today's scheme failed, but she would not give up on the pursuit of bringing Autumn down.

She glared at the stage as she was about to leave, when a group of policemen in uniforms blocked her way. Her instinctive reaction was to turn around and run. But a tall police officer lifted her up from the group easily almost like she was a child.

event. On the other hand, she was ashamed to have misunderstood Autumn. The truth was she was good and upright.

Therefore, she took the chance to talk about this frankly while she felt the buzz of alcohol.

She burped loudly and the smell of wine pervaded the private room. There wasn't any disgust on Autumn's face. She poured some water for Yoyo. "Drink some water."

Yoyo continued as she took a sip, "Manager Ye, Paula told us about the details of your act of plagiarism. We believed that. When Mr. Lu bought Cloud Advertising Company for you, we felt sort of jealous. Someone guessed you had an affair with him, or you were Mr. Lu's mistress. We said many bad things about you."

Yoyo added with an awkward smile, "There are two reasons for that. The first reason is that we envied you. The second is we underestimated your ability. Later, you were involved with Sam, which further tarnished your image. Many colleagues wanted to quit, including me. Isla persuaded us not to leave."

Yoyo stared at Autumn and went on her speech, "Isla told me to stay for another month or two till I see the real you. To tell you the truth, I didn't believe her but I stayed because of my respect for her. But a series of things that happened changed our thoughts.

You are Mrs. Lu, but you don't pull rank on us. Besides, Sam's mother came to apologize for her rude behavior and misunderstanding. What's more, without your timely return with the clothes, today's launch event would have fallen through."

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