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   Chapter 387 Better Late than Never

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 6377

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Isla held the microphone as she shivered and trembled with fear, given the huge responsibility to shore up Cloud Advertising Company with redoubled efforts that warranted the general recognition, as she was completely aware that the assembly would not give the organizer, Cloud Advertising Company a just consideration.

The society was full of snobs and despicable people who delighted at the sight of other's misfortune and fall.

Isla took a deep breath and conducted the press conference in the manner that Autumn would approve of: leaders address; the speech from designers.... and finally Andy's keynote presentation.

Over forty-five minutes had passed since Autumn's departure, now even Andy's presentation had concluded. But Isla had no choice but to rely on Andy stretching his presentation as long as he possibly could.

Andy sensed Isla's anxiety and tried to speak slowly and yet in an engaging tone. He maintained the slow pace right till the 'Thank you!' he concluded his speech draft. At that moment, Isla thought the crisis was past being averted and there was nothing else she could do.

Isla had to face the challenge head on and while suppressing her anger towards Paula who was shamelessly standing amidst the assembly.

However, right when Paula least expected that Isla's confidence received a boost. She cleared her throat, and cast a glance across the vast assembly. Andy was gripped by severe fear that the press conference would be ruined, as Autumn had just told him over the phone that she would need at least another ten minutes to return, however the hiatus would be of great difficulty to smooth over.

Isla mustered up her courage, well poised, to address the assembly with the utmost sincerity, slowness and clarity almost like an edited film scene.

"Distinguished guests: my name is Isla Zhao, you all know me as the planner and the host of today's event."? Isl

r of the missing clothes.

They were rendered speechless and nonplussed.

"Mr. Xu..." Autumn looked at Andy in shame. "The scandal will be investigated soon with joint responsibility on my part. I take the liberty to request more time in dealing with this matter."

"I'm not here for that." Andy replied with great composure, "Autumn, today's event ended up in success owing much to your teamwork and hard work. So I have decided to add a bonus of 10% on the previously agreed price to reward your company."

This favor left the assembly consumed by their jealousy. However Autumn seemed to be worried. "Mr. Xu, this may be against the usual practice."

Isla thought this offer over and echoed her disapproval, as they found it shameful to accept Andy's favor simply due to the event's crisis.

"Mr. Xu, it feels like that we found ourselves in the vulnerable spot of this crisis owing to our neglect and mistake and we... should not be granted this generous offer for such a mistake!" Isla spoke to Andy with embarrassment.

"Believe me when I say you deserve this bonus!" Andy looked at them in gratitude. "Today's event was a paragon of the like. Our model clothes are well known all owing to Isla's splendid presentation which justifies my reputation!"

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