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   Chapter 386 Something Bad Happened

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Giant Promise Company was gearing up to hold a new product launch the next day. Autumn and Isla had been preparing for this event since a long time ago. Earlier that morning Autumn went to the site to inspect everything one last time to ensure nothing went wrong.

This was the first and most important launch event for her since she took over Cloud Advertising Company. She was doing everything in her capacity to ensure that the event turned out perfect.

"What's the matter, Autumn? Are you not feeling okay?" Upon seeing Autumn's frown, Isla came up to her and inquired with concern.

"No, don't worry about it. I am absolutely fine, " answered Autumn in a soft tone. The moment she woke up this morning, her eyelids started to flutter and would keep doing so every now and then almost like a warning about something bad that was about to happen.

"Well, I am relieved to hear that. I will get on with my work then. Let me know if you don't feel well, " said Isla gently. And soon after she was called to help. Autumn took a big gulp of water as she tried to calm herself down. As soon as she looked up, she spotted a familiar figure lurking in the backstage.

If she was not wrong, it was Paula. She had disappeared ever since she stole Autumn's scheme and lost her competition with Autumn. Upon spotting her, Autumn had no idea what Paula was doing here, which seemed rather ominous to her.

She immediately put down the bottle of mineral water and rushed backstage, as she yelled out for all the staff's attention, "Everybody, may I please have your attention for a moment? Please run through your designated responsibilities carefully. Should you find something wrong or even confusing, please do approach me at the earliest. Thank you!"

"What's going on?" asked Isla with eyebrows raised with confusion. Everyone was already terribly busy with their assigned chores. And now that Autumn asked them to re-check their work, it was just adding to their work load and stress which would increase the chances of making a mistake. Therefore, no one was really willing to spare moments to follow her instruction through.

However, Isla knew and understood very well that Autumn was not a troublemaker and had no intentions to increase the workload, and she must have a genuine reason for making such a sudden request.

Autumn's brows also furrowed as she replied in an attempt to voice her concerns, "I don't know. I just feel like someth

o look at the time on his watch and continued, "The launch event is just about to start, and my office is quite far from here. About that if you encounter a traffic jam, you will not be able to get back in time even if you do pick up those clothes. Oh, my god, what are we gonna do now?"

"Anyway, Mr. Xu, please inform your staff about the current situation and I'll go fetch the clothes right away." Autumn decided in the nick of time. "Don't worry! Now that you have chosen to cooperate with Cloud Advertising Company, I will certainly not put you in a difficult position like this again. I'm sure I will bring all those clothes before the show time. Trust me!"

"Autumn... " Andy wanted to say something else, but Autumn had turned around to leave. After taking her car keys, she headed straight for Giant Promise Company. On the way, she called Isla, "Hey, this is Autumn. I'm on my way to Giant Promise Company to fetch the clothes now. I'm afraid I might be late. Please buy me some time by all possible means!"

"Got it, I'll do my best, " answered Isla. "Hurry back and have a safe drive."

Once Isla hung up, she suddenly caught sight of Paula from the corner of her eye. She wanted to go after her, but it was time for the launch event, and as the host... she had to go on the stage and engage the guests.

At this point, a sudden rush of anxiety washed over her. After all, she knew there were no clothes for the show stored backstage. In addition... she was a member of Cloud Advertising Company, which took over the job with the reputation of plagiarism, and she was afraid that she could not bear the pressure.

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