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   Chapter 385 Making Amends

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Leila paused, then decided to sound less threatening. "I would definitely be displeased if you complained about me in front of Mr. Lu. We're co-workers so I don't think there's a need for you to do that. Besides, it's better to keep a harmonious working relationship, don't you think so?"

David nodded. "Yes, I agree with some of the things you said. And you're right, we are colleagues. But… I am not comfortable knowing someone wants to take something that belongs to another.

I just can't bear that thought." Then he dared Leila, "Why, have I done something wrong?"

He sneered, then warned, "Leila, do you really think I am stupid? That I don't know who has been spreading those nasty rumors in the office? Here is some unsolicited advice: You better know your place in this company. Otherwise, you're not getting off the hook if I find out you do it again."

She straightened her shoulders and put on a desperate look. "What nonsense are you talking about? I am not the one spreading rumors that Mr. Lu is having an affair with me. And I have no idea who did this. Besides, why would I spread such gossip when it is my reputation that is being ruined?"

Leila stared at David, frowning when he burst into laughter.

In between laughter, David declared, "You have not been to work for several days. And I don't recall telling you what rumor is being spread around. So, how come you seem to know about this?"

Leila stammered, "I…I…" as she realized she had given herself away.

Thinking quickly, she gave an explanation. "Look David, you got it wrong. It was Liz who mentioned it to me just before she left. And I feel just as helpless about it. You do know Mrs. Lu is my benefactor so I would never do anything to betray or hurt her. If she finds out about this, I am certain we will no longer be friends."

David raised an eyebrow. "Really?"

With a grim smile, he continued, "If you really aren't responsible for spreading the rumor, why are you worried about me saying anything to Mr. Lu?"

The fury on Leila's face pleased David. He said, "Leila, you do know that fire cannot be wrapped up in paper, right? If you really care about Mrs. Lu then you know the right thing to do is to stay away from Mr. Lu, who is not your husband." He continued to mock Leila. "And let's suppose you do become Mrs. Lu someday, the fact remains that you were first a mistress."

Leila sputtered in anger. "You!" But she could say nothing more.

As David drove off, her flushed face turned pale as she pondered his words.

She suddenly became agitated. Her plans to become closer to Charles were already paying off with tremendous effort on her part. But she knew the moment David said something he was not supposed to tell Charles, all her efforts would be in vain.

She sat slumped in a chair, wonde

was very concerned about Autumn.

"Are you all right?" he asked.

Autumn touched his arm in assurance. "Don't worry, I am fine."

Satisfied that she was okay, Charles casually cleaned the surroundings, picking at the weeds surrounding his parents' tombs. Then Autumn laid the flowers they brought. He spoke, "Dad, Mom, I want you to meet my wife. Her name is Autumn Zhao. Isn't she beautiful?"

Autumn smiled at his words and then teased him, "Charles, have you heard the old saying that every peddler praises his own needle?"

He looked at her, baffled. "What? Why are you saying that?"

Charles went on, "I'm just stating a fact. You are beautiful."

He paused to think, 'If my parents were still alive today. I'm sure they would be very happy that I married not only a beautiful woman but one who is also very respectable.'

Charles' words made Autumn think of her own father, Bowen. If he were still alive, he would be just as happy that his daughter married a brilliant man.

Autumn kneeled in front of the tomb then gently brushed away the dust covering the gravestone. Softly, she said, "Mom, Dad, don't worry. You can rest in peace because I will take good care of Charles for you."

Charles felt a pang of sadness at Autumn's words, but echoed it just the same. "Yes, Dad, Mom… Autumn will take care of me. You can rest in peace now. I assure you I have a happy life with her now."

Then he lightened up. "Perhaps when we come to visit you next year, we will be introducing your grandson."

Autumn glared at him jokingly, "And what makes you so sure we will have a son, but not a daughter?"

Charles replied, "I just have this feeling it will be a boy."

"But I want a daughter, " Autumn pretended to whine.

Charles pondered this for a moment. "Well, we could have twins. That way, we will have a son and a daughter. What do you think?"

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