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   Chapter 384 The Truth About Lies

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"And that's all it is?" David asked, looking at Charles.

He still couldn't believe everything Charles told him. "But in her house, why did you have to take off your suit jacket?" David inquired.

'It wasn't so hot, ' he thought, but afraid to voice out his opinion.

"When she said her bathroom light needed changing, I simply offered to do it for her. So, I had to take off my coat. Is there anything wrong with that?"

Charles was baffled at David's persistent questioning.

"So you mean to say there was nothing to it?" David continued, a little stunned. When Charles was leaving Leila's house, she said something that sounded ambiguous which David took to mean as a hidden relationship between the two. Apparently, he was wrong and the truth was Leila was taking advantage of Charles to deliberately mislead David and everyone else. David shook his head in disbelief.

"Of course, that's all the truth, " Charles stressed. "What were you thinking?"

What David was suggesting made him uncomfortable.

The man had been working for him for years and never had he said anything out of line, to Charles' recollection. But this line of questioning now caught him off-guard. "What are you trying to say?" Charles insisted.

"Just say it!" he barked at David. "Well… recently, there's been a rumor going around the office that you and Leila…"

David paused, gathering the courage to continue. "I know it's not very proper for me to say these things, Mr. Lu, but rumor has it that you're having an illicit relationship with Leila. And after what we witnessed at Leila's house today…

Those rumors will surely get worse, " he looked worriedly at his boss.

"People are saying Leila and I have an affair?" Charles said, his tone incredulous.

He sat in silence absorbing what he heard. He obviously had no idea how such rumor started. Charles always thought he had maintained a strictly professional relationship with Leila, he as boss and her a subordinate. And he couldn't remember ever doing or saying anything inappropriate. So he tried to think of what started the unpleasant talk.

"That's right, Mr. Lu, " David affirmed, looking at Charles.

It became clear to him that the man knew nothing about the rumors. He was clueless about the fact that there was already talk in Shining Company

omething to the imagination."

She then gave a sly smile.

Liz nodded and gave a small wink.

"No problem. Now we have to leave so you can rest."

Her co-workers bade Leila goodbye.

After they left, Leila saw David coming back. She hesitated, then went out to greet him. "Hi, David! I thought you left with Mr. Lu?" She wondered why he returned. "Why did you come back?"

Voice lacking emotion, David explained, "I finished what I had to do and I've come to pick up the car."

Then remembering why they visited in the first place, he told Leila, "I hope you get well soon. I've got to go now. Goodbye."

"Wait!" Leila suddenly caught David and asked, "You didn't say anything to Mr. Lu... that you shouldn't, did you?"

"I'm sorry. I don't understand what you mean. What exactly are those things I shouldn't be saying?"

Leila drew her brows together in annoyance. She knew David was not in favor of her wily approaches towards Charles. So the woman imagined that if she did finally get Charles, the first thing she would do was fire David.

But until then, she had to bear with him.

She calmed herself with a deep breath and said, "You are my senior, David. You joined the company way ahead of me. And I know Mr. Lu thinks very highly of you. I know there is so much more that I need to improve on, and I hope to learn a lot from you. Now, if I do something wrong, I would appreciate being told about it to my face. I am willing to correct my mistakes. As to those that can't be corrected... I'd appreciate you to…"

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