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   Chapter 376 Rachel's Schemes

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 4913

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"Not necessarily."

Looking him straight in the eye, Autumn sneered, "My husband is more mature and well-rounded than you. You're nothing compared to him. Have you even looked at yourself? There's nothing you could be proud of."

Hearing Autumn's words left Roger baffled.

He realized he had been too confident all along.

And now he was going to meet his inevitable end.

"As for the other points you confidently raised, I found nothing that can change my mind. Betraying my husband is the last thing that I would ever want to do, " Autumn said, relentlessly undermining Roger.

After all of what had been said, Roger felt like a fool by Autumn's words.

"You need to wake up, Roger.

Even if Rachel has a stellar career, she is a substandard play-writer, " she continued further.

"I don't understand what you mean, " Roger said, pretending to be confused.

He felt more uneasy at the mention of Rachel. He wondered how Autumn came to know about their relationship. But he had no choice but to deny it at all cause.

"Don't you know about Rachel?" Autumn asked, pouncing another question to Roger with full confidence.

"Rachel is easily one of the most powerful personalities in the world of show business!"

"I am well-aware of that.

But it's actually the other way around, " he said in response.

On that point, Roger already wanted to leave. "Miss Zhao, I think I should go now. This conversation isn't going anywhere and I am clearly

l everything to Autumn. "I would be engaged with Rachel if I managed to meet all the deeds she entrusted me to do. I would loose everything if I failed her.

"So you mean there was... an illicit relationship between you and Rachel." Autumn challenged Roger with a question.

Roger was sheepish and disgraced at Autumn's question. "Yes, I had that type of relationship with Rachel because it is important for my survival in Y City. To your knowledge, she is married with a middle-aged man named Edward Lu and she found him unsatisfied in bed. So Rachel depended on me regarding her pregnancy to acquire his husband's estate from Chris."

Autumn was shocked at the realization of Rachel's plan to win Edward's heart through her pregnancy. If Rachel succeeded with her plans, Chris wouldn't be viable to inherit Edward's wealth.

"Let me clarify. Did Rachel ask you to stay with me while shooting my nude photos?"

Autumn curiously asked, "Why? What would it benefit her?"

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