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   Chapter 373 The Dining Party (Part Three)

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 8018

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Upon noticing Mr. Xu's scowling face, Leila grabbed several tissues and tried to clean up his shirts in a hurry as she panicked. "Mr. Xu, I'm so sorry. How about... we head to the rest room? There I will be able to help clean your clothes properly, " she suggested in an apologetic tone.

"Fine, " Mr. Xu replied, as he got back up.. As soon as they entered the bathroom, Mr. Xu closed the door deliberately. Leila took some tissues from the counter, opened the tap and soaked the tissues. "I'm really sorry for getting you into such a mess with my clumsy actions, " she apologized as she rigorously kept wiping his shirts with tissues.

"It's fine, " Mr. Xu responded with a sly yet content smile. Leila's hands lingered around his chest for quite a while, which turned Mr. Xu on.

"Leila, " Mr. Xu called out her name, as he grabbed her hand and pressed her against the basin. "You are so beautiful, " he continued, as he stared at her with obsessive eyes.

"Am I?" Leila responded calmly, as she smiled at him. "Do you think that I am prettier than your assistant?"

Mr. Xu was shocked as he realized that Leila had found out about their relationship. "How did you know?" he asked, looking confused and curious.

"Her expressions showed how she felt about you very evidently, " Leila answered confidently. "When we were in the compartment, you didn't see her expressions. It looked like she was trying to kill me with her furious eyes. I am a woman, so I am sensitive and aware of these matters. I don't think she was so hostile towards me simply because I am more attractive than her. The only explanation for her hostility is you!" she explained as she perched herself on the edge of the basin.

"You are a good observer. There is nothing to hide really. Yes, she is my mistress indeed. But..." Mr. Xu said frankly, as he began to laugh.

"But what?" Leila asked as she continued to smile.

"But I am more interested in you now. How much does Mr. Lu pay you? I will pay double as long as you are willing to come work with me at my company. What do you think of my offer?" Mr. Xu offered as he pulled her into a tight embrace.

"Mr. Xu..." Leila said in a sweet tone, as she pulled his collar playfully. "You haven't answered my question yet. Who is more lovely, your secretary or me?"

"You, of course you. There is no doubt about it, " Mr. Xu replied without even hesitating fo

started the fight. So what?" Carol responded, staring at Leila with rage knowing her reasons were legitimate. "You shameless woman. I wouldn't feel guilty even if I beat you to death, " she continued cursing at her as she crossed her arms.

"You..." Leila stammered, irritated by her words. She didn't curse back as Charles was around and she wanted to look decent.

"Well, the fight is over. It was just a misunderstanding. Go back to minding your own business, " Leo said to the lookers-on. As the crowd dispersed, he walked up to Carol and said, "Well, you have already taught her a lesson that she will definitely not forget for a long time to come. Just let it go. Let's leave here now..."

"I'm not leaving, " Carol refused with conviction. "I did nothing wrong. This indecent woman should feel lucky that she is still alive."

"Mr. Xu, " Charles began to address him as he looked at Leo with discontent. "I can see that Leila is hurt pretty badly. If you don't leave now, I will call the police. I can't allow my subordinate to be bullied like this even if it means calling off our deal, " he warned.

"We're leaving now, " Leo returned with a smile. Leo was a man for whom reputation meant a great deal. 'If Charles called the police, I would be a laughingstock in the business circle, ' he thought. He grabbed Carol by her hand, and they walked out of the restaurant.

Carol felt much better and relieved when she saw Leila's awkward expression. That's why she went with Leo obediently without uttering a single word.

"Are you fine?" Charles asked Leila, as they walked away.

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