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   Chapter 372 The Dining Party (Part Two)

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Leila was sitting next to Charles. During the gap between two courses being served, Charles would talk to Mr. Xu, and occasionally Leila would also join in and bring up the cooperation between the two companies. The atmosphere was warm and optimistic, but only Charles knew that Mr. Xu was avoiding the substantive issues. He was like an old fox who would not lose sight of the falcon until he saw the hare.

As the wine was being poured, Mr. Xu declined the offer as he said he could not drink wine unexpected, which made Charles anxious. Charles had read the information of Mr. Xu. He had a strange habit. If he disliked a partner, he would definitely not consume alcohol. But if he would join them for a drink, then... the deal would be in their favor.

So he must get Mr. Xu to drink his wine.

"Mr. Xu, I reaally appreciate that you have come from so far to join the party. There are some misunderstandings between us, and I'd like to take this opportunity to clear them. I'll drink three glasses of wine first." Charles gulped down three glasses of liquor, and then said to Mr. Xu, "You see how sincere I am, and now it's your turn. How about doing me a favor and taking a sip?"

Mr. Xu maintained a cool composure as he said to Charles, "Mr. Lu, it's not my intention to let you down, but..."

He sighed and added, "I've struggling with poor health and high blood pressure for years now, so my wife doesn't like me drinking at all. You can afford to ignore others, but you still have to listen to your wife, am I right?"

Leila Looked at Mr. Xu, as she thought that this old fox was just looking for an excuse to avoid drinking with them.

Leila then looked at Charles, who looked so embarrassed for struggling so much for striking a deal. Leila knew he was very enthusiastic to work with Mr. Xu's company, so she also made her mind upon recalling his interest and said to the waiter, "I need the glass with the maximum capacity, please."

Leila could not hold a drink, but during her employment at the Shining Company, she had learned to socialize with the partners from time to time doing whatever the situation called for. Now she developed a stronger capacity for liquor, so today... In order to show their sincerity to Mr. Xu, she would take the challenge. However, the liquor Charles had ordered.... was very strong and would

t all. Leila mentioned several times about the cooperative matters, which too were blocked by Mr. Xu subtly. "Leila, I know your company's advantages. But I have been in Y City for long, and I have to compare yours with other companies. I believe that there will be a result very soon."

Leila hated him so much. Because of Mr. Xu's weird habit which got her so drunk, they chose to talk about cooperation at the dining party. But if he did not drink for a bit all this long, then Leila would be the first one who got drunk.

Then she would hope not to embarrass herself rather than continue talking about the cooperation.

Leila made up her mind and then sat on Mr. Xu's thighs. She wore a short skirt today, which distracted Mr. Xu as he could not help gawking at her long legs.

"Look at me, I am drunk already. I'm so drunk, Mr. Xu. Sorry, I'm getting up immediately." Even though Leila pretended like it was a drunk mistake, she then rubbed against Mr. Xu's arms on purpose. She could feel Mr. Xu's erection, and his assistant looked enraged.

Leila also knew that the relationship between this assistant and Mr. Xu also was not simple, but today in order to got the deal, she was ready to risk everything. He then grabbed Leila again and she said, "Mr. Xu, Since you don't drink, I won't force you. Let's have something to eat instead."

Leila laughed and helped him with some food, as she let his hands slide over her legs. Realizing that he was going to lean towards the bottom of her skirt, Leila rushed to stand, the wine poured on his clothes.

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