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   Chapter 371 The Dining Party (Part One)

The Substitute Bride By Rabbit Characters: 6876

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"Mrs.Lu, what brings you here today?" David was busy at that time, but he was stunned to see Autumn there. So he stopped for a minute and approached her. "The president is not here right now."

"Where is Leila?" Autumn asked subtly.

"Leila is out with the president; there is a dining party planned for this evening. Why are you here at this odd time?" David seemed to be out of favor these days; Charles took Leila with him no matter where he went. David knew that Leila helped Charles sign several big orders, which no doubt indicated of her strong ability to handle work professionally. So David could understand why Charles thought so highly of Leila.

David was not bitter, but it did not mean that Autumn was not angry about it, either. She frowned as she further asked, "David, in the past didn't you always accompany him on such occasions? Since when has it become Leila and why?"

David was stunned, as he realized Autumn was jealous, so without wasting a second he explained, "Please don't misunderstand the situation. Leila has helped Mr. Lu bag several big orders recently. The partners in today's dining party were all received by Leila, and she was able to handle them. That's reason why Mr. Lu took her along. Don't think too much."

"Is this absolutely true?" Autumn was confused and frowned, as she felt things were not that simple. They could not be so black and white especially with Leila involved.

"It's true. You really don't have to worry about it." David said in a soft tone, "How about... I drive you home now? it is quite late. Mr. Lu could be late tonight, as a few days back he left a dozen partners without saying a word after learning that you were sick. Leila stayed here all night working and finally the partners chose not to leave the company. So Mr. Lu is going to apologize and set things right."

"No, but thank you for the offer." Autumn was so happy to hear that Charles left the partners immediately and ran to the hospital to see her. Maybe... she was really too suspicious over nothing.

"I drove myself

person. We should help her as much as we can. If Leila ever gets a hold of that position, do you think... we would still be here?"

David did not say anything, but he knew that if Leila got in that position, she would definitely not let him go.

"David, you have been following everything after all, and Mr. Lu would listen to you, so I think... you should express all of this to Mr. Lu." After Alice finished speaking, David nodded and said, "Well, I understand. I will... find a chance to talk to Mr. Lu about this pressing matter."

After hearing David said that, Alice embraced silence. After all, what she should do and what she wanted to do had been done.

Meanwhile, in Royal Hotel, Charles and Leila were negotiating with one of the companies. The reason he took Leila there was because she was familiar with these partners. And she knew how to communicate with them, and another reason was that... Leila was a girl, a beautiful one at that.

Although he hated to admit it, beautiful girls did hold some advantages while dealing with business.

Charles was bond to got the company's order, that's why he was so nervous and even attended the party by himself.

Mr. Xu sat beside Charles; the businessman always preferred to talk about business at the wine table. If they talked happily, no, actually drank happily, then the business was a done deal.

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