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   Chapter 367 Hospitalized

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Abby pulled Amy away and comforted her in a gentle and soothing voice. They all knew, crying would not solve any problem in fact it would just increase the anxiety about the precarious situation.

As sun started to set at dusk, Autumn gradually woke up. The first thought that greeted her was of Yvonne digging the body in the backyard and yelling in panic. She then recalled what Aron said to her, which made her heart fill up with guilt and regret for her initial reaction. Tears streamed down her cheeks the moment she opened her eyes.

Charles realized something was terribly wrong with Autumn. Even though she was wide awake, she did not utter a single word but instead kept on crying. Her heart began to hurt as the tears trickled down. "Autumn, what's wrong love?"

Autumn didn't answer him, instead she continued sobbing. It was almost like the pain had blocked her from hearing him. As she came into her senses, she felt more guilty and embarrassed when she found her grandpa and other relatives standing around her all worried. "I'm sorry... It is all my fault."

Autumn kept apologizing and the tears did not stop either. Seeing this, Amy's heart was breaking with pain as she did not know what she could do to help her. No matter how many times she tried to calm her down and speak her heart, Autumn just wouldn't stop crying. Charles looked at her with a worried expression, and then addressed them, "You have been here waiting for her since you came into the hospital. You must be tired. Why don't you go have some coffee and refreshments downstairs while I try to calm her down."

"But..." Amy was very worried as leaving her in this delicate condition was simply not an option. Before she could finish her sentence, Abby pulled her out of the room. She then said to Amy, "Mom, just let them be alone for sometime. I am sure Charles can handle this. She just seems overwhelmed by emotions. Give him some time to help her compose herself."

Within seconds, only Autumn and Charles were left inside the ward. Charles gently wiped the tears on her cheeks. "I am here with you. Please take a deep breath and tell me what happened? Please dear unburden your mind and put me also out of my misery?"

Autumn raised her head as she looked into his concerned eyes, more tears began to flow down her rosy cheeks. She finally gathered some strength as she began to narrate what happened the previous night. "Charles, I am feeling extremely guilty and overwhelmed about this. Even though it ha

g time, did she eventually calm down.

"You foolish child, I think you just have one flaw..." Arthur sighed as he continued, "You are used to bearing all responsibilities and blaming yourself... Why don't you care about yourself more?"

Autumn didn't respond. She felt guilty about it.

Charles wandered around the hospital, but was disappointed to find out that none of the foods was suitable to her taste. In the end, he drove to a restaurant nearby and bought some food for Autumn. He also ordered some appetizers and other dishes for the relatives waiting in the hospital. While he was waiting for the food to be prepared, an unexpected voice surprised him. "Mr. Lu, is that you?"

"Leila? What are you doing here?" Charles asked in shock as he turned back and noticed Leila.

"I was just about to head to the company. Before going I came here to grab a quick bite. Yesterday evening, I entertained those clients and gave them company for the entire night, then after a two-hour sleep, I just came out. How about you?" Leila deliberately mentioned the clients to let him know, that the trouble caused by him was perfectly resolved by her.

"Thank you so much..." Charles seemed embarrassed upon hearing that. "Yesterday, Autumn was admitted in the hospital. She just woke up so I came here to buy her some food. Thank you again for taking care of business like that."

"That's my job. You don't have to thank me really..." Leila said that with smile, "You just take care of Autumn and concentrate on her well being. All things in the company can be handled by me for now. If my future boyfriend treats me like this, I will be an extremely happy woman."

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