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   Chapter 366 Startled Truth

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"Are you really... speaking in Wendy's favor?" Aron was dumbfounded, as he stared at Autumn in confusion as to what had brought on such a drastic change. "I don't understand you. Wendy was so mean to you when you were a child. Now she did such horrible thing, and yet you are trying to rescue her. Autumn, have you lost you mind?"

"Like it or not, she is my birth mother. I... just want to repay her debts, " Autumn responded in a composed tone but could not manage to conceal the embarrassment which was peaking through her expressions.

Autumn looked at Aron in his eyes and said in an hushed tone, "Besides, she is just a suspect. She hasn't been found guilty yet. Please let me bail her out."

"Sorry, I simply cannot allow that. This is a matter of a life, " Aron refused almost immediately. Before Aron could explain his decision, Jack walked up to him and said, "The warrant has been issued now. We are going to search her house for evidence, will you..."

"Yes, I will, " Aron interrupted before Jack could finish his sentence. It was clear Aron knew what he was about to say. "Autumn, you must be sure that Wendy could not possibly be such a horrible person. How about you join us?" he suggested, as he turned towards Autumn seeking her answer.

Upon looking at Aron's confident expression, Autumn started to doubt what Wendy had said. After much hesitation, she stood up and replied, "Okay, sure I'll come with you."

On the way to Gu family house, Aron remained silent as he maintained a stern expression. Autumn was extremely nervous, and her heart felt like it was pounding outside of her body. Doubts began to seep into her mind as she started to question whether Wendy had told her the truth or not.

They parked the car in front of the gate. Jack rang the bell, but no one answered. Even after waiting for quite a while, no one opened the door. Jack authoritatively broke into the house without thinking once, while Autumn and Aron followed him at a distance. They walked around but failed to find Yvonne. All of a sudden, they were alerted by a sound coming from the back yard.

It almost sounded like someone was digging a pit. All the police officers including Jack rushed towards the source of the sound. They turned on their torches, and the light landed on Yvonne. "It wasn't me. I wasn't me. Dad, please don't be mad at me. It was all mom's idea. I don't want to do this to you. Please don't haunt me, " Yvonne screamed as she trembled with fear, seeing the flashlight she instantly dropped the spade and held her head in her hands.


g thing is to appease those partners' discontent, ' she thought. Upon returning to the conference room, she explained the situation to the dignitaries inside. At first some of them were disappointed with Charles' abrupt behavior. But soon their anger subsided at the thoughts that Charles had left them because of his wife's untimely sickness.

Most importantly, Leila provided a good service to them in an attempt to compensate for the sudden loss. She spent the entire night entertaining the partners. During this period, she drank with them, sang songs and by it all amused them. Although many partners tried to take advantages of her, she endured their cheap behaviors and maintained a warm smile for them.

Leila didn't return home to take some rest at daybreak until she took the last partner to his hotel.

Charles and the Zhao family were by Autumn's side the entire night. "Aren't you a doctor? What is wrong with Autumn? Why hasn't she waken up yet?" Amy asked Arthur nervously, as she grabbed his hand for some assurance.

"Didn't I just tell you? She has just sustained an emotional blow. She will gain consciousness soon after she has received adequate rest, " Arthur explained patiently. Arthur looked at Autumn with concern. 'Even though she is in a coma, her forehead is wrinkled with worry and anxiety.

What happened to her? What made her break down like this?' he wondered.

"Sustained a blow? What's going on?" Amy murmured, as her eyes were filled with tears. "Did Autumn and you have a fight?" she turned to Charles with this natural doubt.

"No, I did not, grandma, " Charles replied in assurance. "Please don't think too much. We will know what is going on once Autumn wakes up."

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