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   Chapter 364 A Murder (Part Three)

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"You didn't hear me? I said that I didn't know where he was, " Wendy replied firmly. Wendy wondered why Aron had come here to see Simon, so soon after she had buried Simon's body. "What's your business here? Just tell me and I will forward your message to him when I see him, " she added.

"You poisonous and vile woman, aren't you tired of acting in front of me? Do you think that no one knows what you did? I won't say it again. Hand over my father now! Don't force me to come and look for him inside the house, " Aron threatened. Aron was desperately worried about Simon. Was he still alive? Had he been killed? He was nearly going crazy himself. Eager as he was to break in and find his father, he feared that he would see something that he wouldn't be able to bear.

Wendy's uneasiness increased. 'He must know something. Anyway, I can't slip into a panic, ' she told herself. "I'm not gonna say it again, either. I have no idea where that stupid man is. When he returned from Autumn's birthday party, he had a fight with me and then left. We had agreed to meet in front of the Bureau of Civil Affairs today, but he didn't show up. I kept calling him, but he didn't answer his phone. I really don't know where he is now. I was going to ask you to send a message for me and ask him whether... he still wanted to divorce me or not, " Wendy said calmly.

"Wow! That was impressive!" Aron sneered and gave a slow clap. "You killed him and hid his body and now you are lying to me and acting as if nothing happened. Don't you feel any guilt?"

"What nonsense are you talking about?" Yvonne finally opened her mouth. She knew that it was time to stand up and defend her mother. After all, Wendy was the only one whom she could rely on now. "I really admire your rich but wild imagination. You even made up a story and tried to frame my mother. If anything happens to my dad, you are the murderer, " she continued.

"I don't want to waste my time on you, " Aron responded impatiently. Aron was trying to push Wendy away and get inside, but Wendy stood

"Are you done now? We need to go, " Jack Zhang urged, looking towards them.

"Here I am, " Wendy responded. "I'm leaving now. Take care of yourself, " she then turned to Yvonne, patting her shoulder gently.

Yvonne stood by the door, watching Wendy escorted by the police. "I called the police. Please let me go with you, " Aron said as he strode to Jack Zhang.

"Well, then you can come with us, " Jack agreed. He and Wendy got into the police van, and Aron followed behind them. When they arrived at the police office, Wendy remained silent and refused to speak no matter what the police officer asked. She insisted on getting herself a lawyer.

Meanwhile in another room, Aron turned the sound recording in to the police, which could be counted as a strong evidence. But Wendy hadn't confessed and Simon's body hadn't been found, so they couldn't declare Wendy guilty.

"Sir, is there nothing we can do now? She murdered my father. I can't let her get away with it, " Aron asked shaking with anger, as his eyes turned red. "Take it easy. I have called in a warrant, and it can be issued in a couple of hours. Once we get the warrant, we can ransack her house. As long as we find the body, she will be brought to justice, " Jack assured.

"What if the body got transferred somewhere else?" Aron asked as his cold sweat kept running down from his forehead.

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