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   Chapter 362 A Murder (Part One)

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Updated: 2018-12-31 16:47

Simon frowned, but he finally gave in. "If you really want to know, then I will tell you."

He slowly took another sip of the spareribs soup. "When I was with you that year, I rarely visited our home with my then wife. However, when she was about to give birth to Aron, I went to see her."

Wendy remembered that time. She was also pregnant. Though she tried to keep him from leaving, not allowing him go out, he still sneaked out into the night when she fell asleep.

"Don't look at me that way." Simon then said, "No matter what, I was still the baby's father. Even if I didn't care about her, it's my responsibility to care for the baby."

Wendy just stared at her husband without saying anything.

Simon continued, "The doctor told me that she was in very bad shape. It could be because of something she may have eaten. She lacked the strength to give birth to the baby. The doctor also said, if she kept eating whatever it was that was causing her to weaken, she might miscarry the baby."

"However, I didn't think too much of it that night. I just thought that her death was caused by the difficulty of giving birth which she wasn't able to survive. When you moved into this house, I once heard you chatting with the maid, who used to take care of her. You gave her a large amount of money, letting her leave and never come back. Is that true?" Simon said it with hatred.

"You got it." She gave him a creepy smile. "Why don't you reveal another of my secrets? Since you have found out that it was me who murdered her. Why did you still marry me?"

Simon smiled bitterly. She was right. If he had acted accordingly after he discovered her secret, then they wouldn't be in such big trouble at present.

"At that time, I loved you so much. And I knew that your aim was to be with me. To be honest, it wasn't such a bad thing for me that Aron's mother died. The company was handed to me. That was why I didn't seek justice for her death."

Simon sneered, "Actually, that maid came back many times, asking for more money. Guess what? I paid her. Without you knowing."

"What are you talking about?" Wendy's eyes w

And nothing for me! Could you believe it?" she screamed in Simon's face. "Was I insane to let her have it all? What about me? Stupid bitch had to die!"

Wendy's laughter was so demonic on the phone that Aron tightened his fists. This was the first time he knew that his mother's death was her doing.

"As to you, my dear..." Wendy turned back to look at Simon, smiling.

Simon's senses have gone fuzzy, but he still tried to sit straight, talking back to Wendy, "You vicious woman! Even if you kill me, never will you get my fortune. All of it will be rightfully given to my son. All of it! So you can stop dreaming my dear. Because it is never, ever going to happen!" He forced it out with all his remaining strength.

Upon hearing this, Wendy strode to him, grabbed his neck with both hands and tried to strangle him, "That's why I have to poison you, my dear husband!!! I did this because of you, you pathetic son of a bitch! I did all of this to be with you! And you still decided to divorce me?!"

"Because of me? How deluded are you! Everything you do is only for your own benefit."

Simon laughed with both amusement and sadness. "Wendy, you are a greedy and selfish woman. All the things you have done were only to get yourself a better life. Just for you! Not for your family, not for your daughters, not for anyone! Stop regarding yourself as a selfless woman. You are nowhere near being selfless!"

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