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   Chapter 359 We Need A Talk

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At this point, one thing was certain and it was that Simon would divorce Wendy now that the vile event which occurred twenty years ago had been disclosed to the public. Wendy's true colors were finally exposed.

"After all these years, you finally remembered that I am your son? Wow, this is unbelievable, " Aron said sarcastically. People often recalled their beautiful memories as they got older, just as Simon was right now. However, Aron was no where near appreciating this sudden kindness. "The year Wendy kicked me out of the house, it was you who helped her. Have you forgotten that day? But I have not. Why did you not treat me like your son then? It is too late for you to repent now. The harm you caused then is simply irreversible just like time itself, " Aron said in a cold and resolute tone.

"I..." Simon was now unable to utter a single word as Aron's harsh words reminded him of the cold reality. The damage was irreparable. He felt ashamed yet guilty as he recalled how he treated Aron in the past. Simon drove Aron out of the house as Wendy's statement was enough to convince him. He did not even try to figure out the truth. Simon also hoped that Aron would not disturb his new life with Wendy but at that time Aron was just a walking and talking reminder of his dead wife, Aron's mother. So it was easy for Simon to turn a blind eye towards Aron as Wendy made a fuss over nothing.

Simon thought that he was still young and someday he could have another son with Wendy.

However, even after being married to Wendy for several years, they only had a daughter.

Now that he was getting elder, and was seeing Wendy's dark side, he remembered and missed his son.

"Aron, it is all my fault. I am so sorry. I truly regret what I did to you in the past and no words could ever be enough to express the guilt I feel, " Simon said as he sighed. He paused for a moment to compose himself before going on, "Aron, I know you must hate me for the way I treated you. But I am determined to get a divorce with Wendy. Could you please forgive me? I will wait for you to visit me at home after you think this through with a calm mind."

Simon ended the call soon after he finished the sentence while Aron remained silent on the entire ride to Isla's house. After she got out of the car, Isla came around and knocked on his side of the car as Aron rolled down the window. "Aron, I know you still care about your father and I also understand why you just can't forgive him that in such a short span. But Aron, look at it this way, he is your father who is getting older and you don't have many days left with him. Now that he is trying to make amends, don't concentrate on what he did in the past, do away with the hate and try to get to know him. If you want I will come with you when you do decide to meet him."

"Okay. Please don't

not get angry? Simon, you must understand that it takes two to tango. You cannot just blame me and hold me accountable for the debacle, " Wendy said with a pitiful look.

"You just said that you went to get even with Autumn? Are you serious or is this just a joke?" After saying this, Simon let out a sneer.

"Of course I am serious. She is my daughter who I raised and took care of. What made me so furious was that I told her to get married to Charles temporarily. However, once they got married she was unwilling to leave him. Shouldn't I teach her a lesson for her shameless behavior?" Just recalling all of this, Wendy got more irritated. "If it weren't for Autumn, things would not have gotten so bad."

"That's enough! Don't always try to blame others, " Simon interrupted her impatiently. "Autumn lived with our family for no more than a month. Do you really need me to remind you how you always treated her earlier?"

Wendy soon turned red out of embarrassment as she heard Simon speak out. He was right. Wendy never cared about Autumn and always ill-treated her. She would ask Autumn to do all the cleaning at home even though she was just a young kid. Moreover, Wendy also turned a deaf ear to Autumn every time Yvonne bullied her.

It was not Wendy who brought up Autumn. In fact it was the other way around, and it was Autumn who always took care of Wendy, Gu family and their lives.

But now Wendy tried to take credit as she said it was her who raised Autumn up. What a shameless and vicious woman! It was ridiculous for her to say something like this after all that girl went through on her account.

"So what?" After catching a glimpse of Simon, Wendy went on to add, "I am her biological mother at the end of the day. I gave her life and brought her into this world, so she had an obligation to support and obey me. Why would she even consider breaking ties with me?"

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