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   Chapter 358 Divorce

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Despite knowing the result, Aaron still felt the pinch of discomfort. Though the two elderly were quite old, they still had to worry about the family of their son. However, the selfish and self-absorbed Colin and his parents did not bother to even thank them let alone expressing gratitude. Instead, they took the elders' money for granted, which made Aron quite distressed.

"Is this true? Then I guess congratulations are in order, " Aron said rather sarcastically. "Why don't you come back and pack your things, since such a fortunate thing has happened with you?"

"Why should I be in a rush?" Colin smiled maliciously. "My mom will help me to deal with that as well. Hunger breeds discontentment. I'm hungry now and I have to eat something."

Colin then looked at Isla, and asked, "What's your name, beauty?"

Without responding to his question, Isla just stared quietly at Colin.

Isla remained silent for every question Colin asked her next. Then she blatantly ignored his imposing presence and happily chatted with Aron. Even though Colin wanted to say something, no one paid any attention towards him, which was driving him crazy.

"Hey! I'm talking to the both of you. Have you suddenly lost your ability to speak and hear?" Colin could not bear being neglected, so to make them aware of his presence he furiously shouted at them.

Isla still pretended not hearing his roar and continued talking to Aron, "This restaurant is actually pretty good. We can come here again soon."

"Sure." Aron felt content and happy upon noticing the building anger and anxiety on Colin's face.

Aron wiped the corners of his mouth with a paper napkin, and then asked Isla, "Are you full? If you have finished your meal, then let's leave."

"That sounds good." Isla nodded as she stood up and walked right to the corridor. However, Aron remained seated near the window as he could not come out without passing Colin. "Excuse me, "

Aron said to him in a cold and harsh tone.

Finally, Colin got a chance to vent his frustration. He smugly said, "Huh? Weren't you pretend to be blind? Why would you ask me for permission to leave? This seems impossible."

"Mr. Chen?" Isla gave Coli

swer. However, he remained silent for a long while. Simon then asked him again, "Aron, are you still there?"

Aron then opened his mouth to speak almost like he was unaffected. He replied in cold tone, as if Simon said nothing of significance, "Come back? Back where?"

"Back home..." Simon said in a helpless tone, "I know you hate me. But I am trying to make amends here. Now I have tried to clear out the mess as I too feel regret and guilty for all that I have done. I shouldn't have left your mom and married again. Aron, could you please find it in your heart to forgive me?"

"I think it's better if you ask my mom for forgiveness. Why are you asking me?" Aron said that in a harsh tone. He was indifferent towards Simon. How could he come back after all these years?

"You... are so full of hate towards me?" Simon's tone soon turned sour, as if he was desperate to get some answer. He never imagined not once that he would have impacted Aron's life in such a massive manner after so long.

He still could not get himself to forgive Simon.

"Aron, you are the only child I have. If I divorce Wendy, then I'll be all alone by myself. I just hope you can come back and support me. As for the company, cars and houses, you can inherit them all. That bitch will not get a cent from me, not anymore." As Simon spoke about Wendy, there was tense sense of resentment in his voice. It was almost like he bore the grudge against her for a long time.

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