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   Chapter 357 Buy A House

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'Aron has been taking over the company. It is obvious that Fiona came back to take the company away from him, ' Joanna thought with a frown.

Aron brought Colin to the company without a word. After introducing him to the board members, he left Colin alone and went straight to his office.

Colin got acquainted with the female employees, who scrambled to butter him up after knowing who he was. Soon, he started to flirt with them, making Aron displeased with his frivolous behavior. He thought Colin would leave in a couple of days once he got bored.

Meanwhile, Autumn had just arrived at the company. The moment she sat on her chair in her office, Isla came in and asked, "Do you have some time now? I have something to tell you."

"Please sit down, " Autumn replied.

"What is it?"

What happened?" she asked Isla who took a seat opposite her.

"Is there anything wrong with the activity for Giant Promise Company?" Autumn asked in a concerned tone, thinking that Isla came to talk about work.

Isla gave her a serious look. "I didn't come here for work, " she replied.

"Autumn, do you remember Roger?" she asked, raising her eyebrows.

"Yeah. I do, " Autumn scowled.

"What's up?" she asked, not knowing why Isla would mention Roger.

"Why are you mentioning him suddenly?" she continued.

"I saw him at your birthday party yesterday, " Isla replied with a confused look.

She didn't understand why Roger would go there.

"I met him too, " Autumn said.

"He came and talked to me. But I don't know what he wants, " Autumn went on.

'Why does he keep harassing me?' she wondered, finding Roger rather irksome.

Isla hesitated for a few moments before finally answering.

"I think I know why."

Colin turned to introduce himself to Isla, "Hello, I'm Colin. Aron's cousin."

"Hi, "

Isla nodded to him as she rose to stand.

Aron talked about his cousin occasionally, so she was a little familiar with him. She knew Colin was the son of Aron's uncle, with whom he had a bad relationship.

"I finally know why Aron didn't come home. He's hanging out with his girlfriend instead, who turns out to be such a sweet girl, " Colin praised.

"Don't just stand there. Sit down, " he urged Aron.

"Colin, if you don't get out of my sight at this moment, I will kick you out of my house today, " Aron threatened, glaring at Colin with displeasure.

"Don't bother. I will move out even if you don't kick me off, " Colin sniffed.

"Didn't you know? My mother just told me that she bought that house. She said it would be mine once I sign the contract tomorrow.

Our grandparents paid for the rest of the down payment you made for me. My mother wanted us to check into a hotel instead of making you uncomfortable."

Having guessed that his grandparents would pay for that house, Aron was just a little surprised upon hearing Colin's words.

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