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   Chapter 356 Down Payment Only

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Exasperated, Aron said, "I already told you I bought the house myself!"

He couldn't believe how difficult it was to talk to Albert's family. It was as if the people he was talking to were crazy.

Fiona kept needling him. "Who knows?

Word of mouth is never a guarantee." Her next words left Mike and Joanna with no alternative. "Father, Mother, we want to make this easy for you. You either allow us to live here, in this house or… you buy a house for us. Those are your only choices." Looking at the couple with a glint in her eye, she added, "The decision is yours."

Before either one could reply, Fiona quickly ordered Colin, "Take your luggage upstairs and choose a room."

He said okay and proceeded to follow his mother's order, lugging his heavy bags up the stairs. Seeing their family quarrel always upset Mike and Joanna. How they wished everyone would just get along with one another! But since that was not likely to happen, they knew the only solution to prevent fights was to buy a house for Albert and Fiona.

Before Mike or Joanna could speak, Aron raised his hand and said, "Okay, I want to make a proposition…"

He glanced at his grandparents before turning to his uncle and aunt. "You can go buy a house you like. And I will take care of the down payment. However, the rest of the payment will be your responsibility."

Aron didn't want to put Mike and Joanna in a difficult position, so he made a compromise. 'If a house must be bought, so be it. But I will not allow my grandparents to pay for it!

Contrary to what they may be thinking, my grandparents do not have a lot of money.' "Down payment?" Albert blurted out. "You have got to be kidding!"

His face turned pale just thinking about owing money. A life in debt was something he would not be able to endure.

Fiona, however, decided to play it smart. "Okay."

She patted Albert's arm to assure him. "Aron wants to buy a house for us to show respect. We had better accept his kindness." To her nephew, she said, "We will look for a house tomorrow."

"All right, " Aron nodded to acknowledge her. He hoped things were settled and there would soon be peace.

Albert, Fiona, and Colin headed upstairs. Colin wanted to stay in Aron's bedroom, so he asked his cousin, "Could you let me sleep in your room? Anyway, it is just for one night."

Fiona further pushed and said, "Be considerate with your family. We are your guests after all."

Her statement made Aron snap. "Guests, are you?

So now you re

called out sharply. She went around the table and pulled her nephew so he could look at her. "Aron, I know you don't like me. But we're still family. And since breakfast is ready, why don't you do me a favor and have some with us. However much you take, I will be grateful."

"Yes, Aron, " Joanna tried to persuade her grandson. "Your aunt has been cooking breakfast since 4:00 am. Don't refuse her kindness, " she implored.

Joanna motioned Aron to a chair and said smiling, "Look, your aunt has made your favorite small wontons."

After several seconds, he pulled a chair and sat down. He would take the opportunity to figure out Fiona's motive.

She wasted no time. "Aron, there's something I want to tell you."

He looked at his aunt, thinking, 'Here it comes…' Even before he could enjoy the wonton, Fiona said, "Last night, you agreed..."

She paused, tried to be polite, and continued, "If you insist on keeping your promise about the house, we are going out to look for one today."

As unpleasant as he felt, he answered gruffly, "Don't worry, I will keep my word about giving the down payment for the house."

He was willing to spend money if it meant Albert and his family would leave as soon as possible.

"It's a deal!" Fiona said happily.

She was quick to add, "By the way, why don't you take Colin to work with you today? Then see that he learns about the company. After all, he will one day take over running it, too. Managing the company alone all the time is just impossible, right?"

Feeling more confident now, she declared, "Colin doesn't have to accompany us. Father and Mother will come with us instead to look at houses."

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