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   Chapter 355 The Weirdo Relatives

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Aron turned to Fiona, holding his temper. "Did you have to sound so cynical talking to my grandparents? I will say it again: I bought the house myself and they had nothing to do with it." He was helping Albert's family take their luggage out of the car.

"You bought the house yourself?!" Fiona scoffed. "Well aren't you the boastful one!" Unable to stop herself, she continued further. "You would never have earned so much if your grandparents did not let you run the company! You should think about Colin, and not just make money for yourself."

Aron resigned himself to his aunt's ranting so he just kept quiet. After taking out the bags, he said, "It's already late. You can stay here if you wish, but tomorrow... You will have to leave. You can't stay here. Now that you're back, you need to find a house of your own. We don't run a shelter here, " he told Albert's family.

"How can you say such things?!" Colin exclaimed. He grabbed Aron by the collar and growled, "Let me tell you something... I have every right to whatever you are enjoying now. That had better be clear to you."

Still holding the collar of Aron's shirt, he spat, "If not for me, you would not be rich and live a comfortable life! Don't think you're so great just because you have been the company's general manager for several years. Just to warn you, I am going with you to work tomorrow. And sooner or later, I'm going to prove myself better than you!"

Aron smirked at Colin. "Anytime, my cousin." He brushed off Colin's hand and declared, "I'm ready for the challenge. But, you still have to move out tomorrow."

Albert, Fiona, and Colin listened to him in disbelief. "What is wrong with you?" Fiona demanded. "Why should we listen to you and move out?" Waving her arms in exasperation, she said, "We are you uncle and aunt, your elders. What gives you the right to kick us out?"

"The house is under my name and that gives me the right." There was a steely edge to Aron's voice, even as he held his temper.

He could not remember how many times he chose to swallow the insults and humiliating words from these people because he refused to embarrass his grandparents. But enough was enough.

"Did you hear what your nephew said, Albert?" Fiona fumed. "How dare

owing a glance at Aron, he declared, "This is your house. If you say so, he cannot refuse to let us stay."

But the two simply shook their head in embarrassment, with Mike admitting, "It's Aron's house. And it is his decision. We can't do anything about it."

Realizing that Colin was useless in bargaining, Fiona stepped in and offered, "We could move out."

She paused, then went on, "But we have a condition."

Mike and Joanna heaved a sigh of relief. "What condition?" As long as they could negotiate, everything would turn out well, or so they thought.

"We're new here and don't know anyone. If you want us to move out, you must find a house for us. That's quite simple, right?" Fiona said. Sneering, she added, "Since Aron has a house here, it's only right that Colin has one, too."

Fiona continued, "The house would be under Colin's name, and you will buy it for your grandson. You're not going to say no, will you?"

Aron had run out of patience. His uncle's family did not seem to understand the financial situation of his grandparents. Controlling himself to keep from screaming, he explained, "Grandpa and grandma have been retired for many years. Instead of you giving them money, you did everything to take money from them. Have you no shame, depriving old people of resources?"

Colin went from stunned to angry. "What did you just say?! What?! Why should I be ashamed to ask them to buy a house for me, when they did exactly that for you?" he exclaimed, facing his cousin.

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