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   Chapter 354 They Deserve No Mercy (Part Two)

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Wendy felt her head whip to the side as a furious Simon slapped her. His face flushed with anger, and several thoughts began racing through his mind. 'What was she thinking making our domestic problems public? Does she have no shame? The media will no doubt have a field day when this makes headlines tomorrow!'

"Dad, why did you hit her?" Yvonne cried out.

She quickly ran and planted herself between Simon and Wendy. "Have you lost your mind?"

Yvonne knew she had to take Wendy's side no matter what happened. To her mind, they were two grasshoppers tied to one cord. "It was Aron who started it, but why did you hit Mom?" she blurted out.

Still bubbling with anger, Simon screamed, "You're lucky I didn't hit you, too! Now, shut up!" Staring at his daughter, he accused, "I'm not dead yet but you and your mother are already scrambling to divide my property! You're probably praying for my early death!"

Wendy grabbed Simon's arm and tried to explain. "You misunderstood my intentions, Simon."

Looking into his eyes, she continued, "I did this for our family."

"Save the sob story for someone else!" he said, cutting her off.

"After all this time that we've been together, do you think I still don't know what kind of person you are?

All you care about is money!" Simon stressed every word. "Had I known this earlier, I would never have chosen to marry you."

Voice filled with emotion, he continued, "Aron's mother was a wonderful woman who treated me so well. I had to divorce her to be with you. Then she died after a difficult childbirth. I have been tormented by guilt all these years." He gazed at Aron with regretful eyes before bringing back his attention to Wendy. "If it hadn't been for you, my life would have been happy with Aron and his mother."

Wendy's spine stiffened in anger. "What do you mean by that?!"

'I have been married to this man for many years. Now he's saying he regrets marrying me?!' she thought to herself. Finding courage to speak, she declared, "I have done everything for you and the Gu's Group ever since we got married. I even gave you a child, a daughter who has now grown up. How can you say such cruel things about me?!"

But her words only made Simon

row!" Aron said, waving.

He looked for Autumn to say goodbye, then left the party in a hurry driving straight to the airport.

It was Aron's uncle, Albert, who called earlier. He and his family had just gotten off the plane, and requested Aron to pick them up at the airport.

It was a request Aron could not say no to, so he drove to the airport to meet Albert and his family. His plan was to check them into a hotel, but they refused and insisted on staying at Aron's house.

He drove home reluctantly. Their arrival woke up Mike and Joanna, and the sight of Albert's family washed away all remnants of sleep.

"What are you doing here?" Mike said, demanding an answer.

He was trying to figure out why Albert's family was not checking in at a hotel and looked to be staying at Aron's house instead.

It was Fiona, Albert's wife, who spoke up. "Dad, Mom, we have no intention of going back overseas this time. And it's not convenient to live in a hotel.

So we decided it's better to stay here in the house."

Fiona always thought Mike and Joanna favored Aron and she didn't like it. So she could not help but be sarcastic when speaking to them.

"Aron is a lucky boy. He is still so young but he's already bought his own house. Unlike him, our son Colin has nothing. He has to struggle hard to support himself, " Fiona said, jealousy evident in her tone. "This house probably costs a lot of money, right?" she said as she continued to needle Mike and Joanna.

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