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   Chapter 353 They Deserve No Mercy (Part One)

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"Why are you in such a hurry? I haven't said anything yet." Aron sneered.

"I know you hate me, Aron. But this is between a mother and a daughter today. Please keep your nose out of this and I would appreciate it." Wendy tried her best to act properly. Yet Aron only scoffed at what she had just said.

He gazed at Wendy and said, "Auntie, I just could not bear to see someone suffer wrongful treatment in front of me. It is my principle of being. And I think it might due to... my own experience in my childhood. At the sight of something like this, I could not help but think of being wrongly accused of stealing when I was a child."

"Mrs. Gu, may we know who he is…" Many reporters were not familiar with Aron for he rarely appeared in front of the media. Nevertheless, a few reporters recognized Aron immediately.

"Well, he is……" Clenching her fist, Wendy very nervously looked towards at Aron. She was at a loss how she should introduce him to the public.

"Hey everyone, I'm Aron Gu. I am Mrs. Gu's…… stepson." Turning his face to the reporters, Aron revealed, "Yvonne is my half sister. And her mother Wendy Ye, who is now standing in front of you all, slept with my father more than twenty years ago. There may be a lot of people who know nothing about this. But, my mother, with a broken heart, died because of this affair."

"Aron, please stop!" In an instant, Wendy was near the point of breaking down. The secret that she had locked away for more than twenty years, was now being openly exposed to the public by Aron. Looking at the contemptuous and judgmental eyes of the people around her, Wendy felt that she was almost going off the deep end.

"Stop?" With a sneer, Aron continued, "She tried hard to attach herself to my father that very year, though she knew perfectly well that my father had a wife. And you might guess what for? Wasn't it because of my father's money? My mother could not bear that my father had an affair and died out of depression. What was even worse, Wendy wrongly accused me, an innocent kid at that time, of stealing. And my father threw me out because of her vicious lies. She did that on purpose, because she was afraid that I would fight her for

he had blacked out and fallen into despair.

Yvonne could not help getting at Aron again. "It's all because of you! You had left that year. Why did you come back? Without you, dad would not hand over the company to you. Such things wouldn't have happened. Why did you come back?"

Now out of control, Yvonne tried to threaten Aron, "I am warning you, every penny of the Gu's Group belongs to me. Don't you dare take anything away from it."

It seemed that Autumn and her birthday was forgotten at that moment. The reporters were busing asking Aron questions about the company and the money.

And now everyone had seen the truth.

Autumn was quietly watching on the side all this time. She did not want to go out to help at all. In her view, Wendy and Yvonne deserved to suffer from their own actions. And they were just not worthy of anyone's sympathy.

"When are you gonna stop this insanity?" All of a sudden, above the noise and confusion, the angry voice of Simon came from the door.

It turned out that Charles had made a call to Simon. Arriving in a hurry, Simon was able to witness Wendy and Yvonne getting mad because of his properties. He was so angry that he almost fainted.

Trying hard to hold back his anger, Simon came up to Wendy and asked, "What are you doing here?"

"Simon, I……" Confused and afraid, Wendy looked at Simon anxiously and tried to explain, "Aron and I were talking about the Gu's Group. I was just saying on impulse……"

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