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   Chapter 352 Mess Up (Part Two)

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Wendy smiled bitterly and patted Yvonne on the back of her hand. "Let's go. We are not wanted here."

"No, I won't go. Now that we are here, we have to make everything clear." The troublesome half sister gave her mother a wry smile. "Mom, you have the heart to bear it, but I don't. What does she mean by doing that? Why is she so hell bent on severing ties with us? Is she worried that we will ask her for money?"

Yvonne stepped closer to Autumn. "You should know, when my mother heard that you were going to change your surname to Zhao, she was so angry and stressed that her old illness re-surged. Today we had just come from the hospital just to congratulate you on your birthday. She sticks up for you at any time, but you still decide to change your surname. Do you think you are worthy of what she had gone through because of you?"

People naturally had a soft spot for mothers and began to condemn Autumn. The lovely birthday party was finally ruined halfway, which annoyed the celebrant. At this time, Arthur Zhao, who was standing on the stage, opened his mouth to speak.

He gave Wendy the coldest stare and said, "I didn't want to say these words at first, because Autumn once said that you were still her mom after all. And I will also show you some respect for Autumn's sake. But how shameless of you to come here and ruin this birthday party. But I have to clarify my position even if it upsets Autumn. Since Autumn is my only granddaughter, I must protect her from being misunderstood by other people, which is clearly your intent in coming to crash this party."

Arthur had lost all his tolerance of Wendy Ye. He continued, "You eloped with my son, Bowen, many years ago just because you thought that he was a man of wealth. But when you found that Bowen was not as rich as you expected, you thought of leaving him. As a result, after you gave birth to Autumn, you thoughtlessly left her for Bowen to raise her alone. You then, disappeared with an amount of money which you extorted from Bowen. I haven't wronged you with these words, right? The heavens bear witness that every single word is true. "

Arthur smiled with scorn. "Bowen died of depression shortly after you abandoned them. You haven't taken good care of Autumn at all. She was brought up only by Emily. Everything I said also matches the fact, right?"

"Stop talking nonsense here." Yvonne retorted. "My mother certainly took her back home and looked after he

said just now? Are those all true?" The reporters asked Autumn one after another.

Autumn hesitated and said nothing for a long time, but finally she nodded. "Yes, it's all true."

"Could you please show us some evidence?" A verbal statement without any proof had no credibility.

Autumn thought it over and wondered, 'How could there be evidence for such things?'

Autumn frowned a little. Yvonne sneered before Autumn could say a word, "What kind of proof can she bring out at this time? Even though she shows any right now, it must be forgery."

"I..." Autumn still knitted her eyebrows. Now, she felt quite helpless that the two conniving bitches had the advantage over her. After a long while, she shook her head and was ready to tell the reporters that she had no evidence at all. But salvation came at the perfect time. Behind the crowd came a male voice, "I am the evidence."

Hearing the voice, the crowd parted to give way to this man who appeared out of nowhere. When the man eventually walked to the front of Yvonne and Wendy, they stood gazing at one another, looking very tense.

"What are you doing here?" Wendy put her hands on her hips and asked him.

"Thanks to you, Autumn and I have become good friends. I have come to take part in her birthday celebration." It was Aron. Arthur had divined that such situation was likely to occur today, so he also invited Aron here just in case.

"Aron, I think you had better mind your own business." Yvonne warned Aron nervously. To a large extent, Aron was a very favorable witness. Without his appearance, Autumn was doomed to be defeated in her own party.

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