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   Chapter 351 Mess Up (Part One)

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It was Wendy who opened the door and walked in while Yvonne followed closely behind. A sly smile showed on her face as Rachel saw them. 'How could it be possible for Autumn to return and be a part of Zhao family in peace?' Rachel thought to herself.

Wendy's presence led to a furor in the hall. All of the people turned to focus on her. Autumn furrowed slightly as she saw them. Just as she expected, Wendy was definitely not going to leave the matter at that.

She finally showed up with her annoying daughter, Yvonne.

Arthur stood close to Autumn seeing her frowning tightly. "Autumn, don't be afraid. I am here. I will protect you. No one can hurt you!" comforted Arthur as he patted her shoulders gently.

Autumn was moved by his words somehow. No one, except for her grandma and father, had cared about her like this. Therefore, Autumn felt warm yet a little bit grieved.

Staring at Autumn who was standing at the center of the stage, Wendy, with a piteous look, immediately attracted the reporters' attention. Soon they all rushed to her. "Mrs. Gu, what brings you here today?"

"It is the birthday party of my daughter. How could I not come? I have to wish her a happy birthday." Wendy smiled bitterly and then walked forward to Autumn, held by Yvonne. "Autumn, today is your birthday. I am your biological mother and I come to wish you a happy birthday, " said Wendy.

She then took out a small box from her pocket, opened it slowly and went on, "It is a gift for you. I should have given it to you at your wedding since it is actually a wedding gift. Take it. I wish you a lifetime of happiness."

"There is no need to give it to me. Keep it for yourself, " said Autumn in a cold tone. She didn't know what Wendy was going to do and what she had up her sleeves, but she was sure that it was just a trick or a trap.

"Don't reject her, Autumn." Seeing this, Arthur sneered and asked his assistant to take the bracelet from Wendy. "Anyway, this little gift is a token of her regard, so take it."

In any circumstances, Wendy was Autumn's biological mother and it was something that can never be changed. As for the bracelet, she could take it and donate it to those in need.

Though reluctant, Wendy paid heavily to buy this bracelet since she had to put on a play before the public today.

She looked at Autumn with caring eyes as if she was really a warm and loving mother. Seeing this, the re

It isn't worth doing this for her, " said Yvonne in a very discontented tone, her eyes filled with irritation. "She never cares about you. If she still regards you as her mother, she would honorably inform you about this news conference. Why did we have to come here without an invitation? You said that you had to hand this gift to her in person, but now it turns out she would never be grateful."

Saying this, Yvonne then turned to Autumn and said sarcastically, "She is now part of the Zhao family and she could own anything that she wants. It is impossible for her to care about this little bracelet."

"Yvonne, you think that you can pull your weight here, " said Autumn coldly. Autumn furrowed her eye brow and felt disgusted at the two of them. "You must be clear about what the truth is. I know in my heart who among us is lying. All you are doing is bringing disgrace on your own selves."

"Yes, I know what the truth is." Yvonne showed a grim smile and turned to Wendy, "I know that my mom has been most perfectly fulfilled both in love and duty. May I remind you? How could it be possible for you to get married to someone like Charles? He is such a brilliant man and many women are after him. If it weren't for mom, you would never have had the chance to marry him."

"Yvonne, that's enough, " Wendy said abruptly. However, indeed she felt herself highly flattered, because Yvonne had said exactly what she wanted to say. Now all of the people present would regard Autumn as a snobbish woman. And that was her purpose of coming here today. What she wanted to do was to put her into more trouble.

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