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   Chapter 350 A Press Conference (Part Four)

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 6413

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"All distinguished guests..." Arthur cleared his throat and said to everyone in the audience. "I believe everyone is here today to give our beloved Autumn a wonderful birthday celebration. And how can a birthday be complete without a cake?"

Meanwhile, a hotel staff was wheeling in a huge cake with life sized and vivid figures of Autumn from ages one to three years on one end and her present appearance on the other end. There was some space in the middle that were left out intentionally to show the gap of years in between.

The birthday girl was overcome with mixed feeling at the sight of her birthday cake.

She recalled her impoverished family during her younger days when she could not take pictures at will with a phone camera, and her father would take her to a photo studio instead. However Bowen later plunged into illness with insufficient money to support her family. As a result, Autumn's long span of growth did not have any single picture to show for it.

Autumn became uncontrollably emotional over her sad childhood at the sight of the birthday cake.

"Be calm, be happy and be free of sadness." Charles tried his best to console and soothe her with comforting words, "Today is your birthday. You should be happy rather than sad."

Autumn quickly gathered herself and controlled her emotions.

Amy stood beside Arthur and waved to Autumn, "My beloved granddaughter, come here. It is time to cut the birthday cake."

Meanwhile, those present began to suspect the unusual closeness that they had — a little too close, sharing each other's happiness and sadness.

"Autumn, please forgive my absence from your childhood... And I could not figure out what you looked like then." Amy spoke through her sobs, feeling guilty over Autumn's troubled childhood.

"Now I am living in peace and comfort. Let us not dwell in the past." Autumn replied gently and calmly. Meanwhile, Arthur handed t

ntity known to all of you in hopes of sharing my happiness to have won back my granddaughter." The Zhao family patriarch spoke with laughter and all smiles.

"Doctor Zhao, what about Autumn's mother? She should have also come to celebrate Autumn's birthday. Moreover, have you gotten Wendy Ye's approval in giving Miss Ye your surname?" A reporter brought forth another issue.

Sensing Arthur's inability to respond to this question, Autumn strode on toward the platform and addressed the reporter, "I am old and mature enough to make my own decision and bear the resulting consequence. My late father's surname was Zhao and it is justifiable for me to adopt his surname."

Autumn continued after a pause, "My late father is my most revered man."

"In that case, you should not have adopted your mother's surname!"

"At that time, I was powerless to make this decision by myself." Autumn replied with great composure.

"Moreover, are you intent on severing the blood relation between you and your mother, as you keep this important matter a secret to her?" The reporter bombarded Autumn with a more strategic question.

Autumn was about to defend herself, when the door was dramatically burst open. Naturally, everyone's attention was drawn toward the large door.

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