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   Chapter 349 A Press Conference (Part Three)

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"Chris." Seeing Chris come closer, Edward suddenly became kind. He gently held Chris' hand and let her introduce Sam to him. "Dad, this is Sam, my boyfriend. You have met him before."

"Hello sir, how are you?" Sam politely said to Edward. Though his welcome was not very enthusiastic, it's not an indifferent one either.

"Hello." As the three people were chatting, Rachel also went near the restroom. After waiting by the door for a while, a big hand quietly reached out from the men's room, tightly grabbed her arm and snatched her inside. She screamed out. When she saw who it was, she then breathed deeply to calm down. "What are you doing?!

Are you crazy, pulling me inside the men's room?!"

"I missed you so much." Rachel once enjoyed his touch on her body. She missed that too. But she calmed down and immediately pulled him to a corner when she realized that she was inside the men's room. The task she had set for Roger remained unfinished. She pounded on his chest and asked, "Why did you do that to me? You are mad."

Then she impatiently fixed her clothes, pretended to be cold, and asked him, "Have you completed your task? What's the delay? Are you having trouble?"

"Rachel, my dear baby." The wannabe actor rubbed her soft hand. "You are my only love in this life time. How can I seduce a woman I don't love? I feel guilty doing that."

Rachel sneered, feeling that he was just playing her. "What garbage is this! You have a job to do. Remember, it is I who let you do this. Do it! Once it is done, I'll satisfy all your needs. I promise you."

"Really?" Roger raised his eyebrow and looked at Rachel. "What if...

I want you to divorce your ancient husband and marry me?"

The veteran actress was stunned. It was hard to believe that an attractive young actor like Roger could actually fall in love with her.

She frowned, then thought that as long as he was useful to her, it's better to have him dangling for now. Smiling sincerely, she kissed him on his cheek. "If you do what we agreed on, I will not only marry you. I will have your baby."

"Okay, great! You have promised me! Remember to keep it!" Shallow newbie actors were so easy to con

why did you marry me? It seems that you are happy just having a daughter."

"Oh, you..." After hearing what his wife had to say, Edward's heart softened. It was true that he had gotten too aggressive. He reached out his hand and held Rachel's to comfort her, "I am so sorry my dear wife. I never meant to hurt you. You know that Chris cannot accept you yet. Just give her more time, please."

Rachel stood angrily. "I'm giving her time! The question is not about that! Actually it is about you two against me! Tomorrow I'll pack all my belongings and leave your house to give you two some space!"

"Calm down, dear. Don't act like a child." The disadvantages of having a much younger wife had become apparent. Once she's unhappy, he would need to comfort her without any excuse, or else she would cry out.

"Don't cry please. Now many people here know you. And there are cameras everywhere. It's not proper to cry here." Edward almost used all jokes he knew to let Rachel smile through her tears.

Rachel seized this opportunity to raise her demands to Edward. "Dear, now that I'm your wife, you shouldn't lie to me, remember?"

"Okay, okay, I know. I'll tell you everything..." Edward comforted Rachel immediately to pacify his hysterical wife.

Meanwhile, Arthur got on the stage, held the microphone given by the host. After looking around the whole stage, he finally found Autumn and focused on her. A proud smile appeared on his face.

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