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   Chapter 348 A Press Conference (Part Two)

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Upon hearing Autumn's quick witted response, Rachel was stunned. "Well... Okay, if that is what you want, " Rachel replied, after a long pause, with a sense of embarrassment in her tone.

Autumn's response was smart. Not only did she refuse Rachel's gift in a polite manner but also showcased how sensible and quick on her feet she was.

"I hope that Miss Bai, you will enjoy yourself tonight. Thank you again for the considerate gift and wishes, " Autumn replied with a courteous smile as she stood up and walked away, leaving Rachel shocked as to how she turned the situation around.

Being tired of dealing with Rachel and her never ending drama, she ended their conversation immediately on a pleasant note and went towards the lady's room.

As she walked out of the restroom, she knitted her brows at the very sight of Roger who was standing at the door. Roger stared at Autumn with a rather mischievous smile.

'What is he doing here? Who invited him to this party?' Autumn's mind was overflowing with questions and concerns.

"Surprise!" Roger exclaimed with a grin and made a prominent entrance. "You must be curious as to what I am doing here. I am a star and I have some connections in this circle. It's not difficult to get invited to your birthday, " he explained.

"Are you?" Autumn sneered, with an intention of leaving.

"Hold on there, what is the hurry?" Roger said as he quickly grabbed Autumn's hand. "I went through great lengths to meet you here. I have something to say to you. Please at least hear me out."

"There is no need for that. I think that I've already made myself clear to you on several occasions, " Autumn said as she declined his request. "Whatever your intentions are, I advise you to give up, " she added in a stern and resolute tone.

"I honestly made all this effort to come here to just apologize to you, " Roger said in a rather sincere tone. He realized that Autumn was a far more difficult woman than Rachel to convince. Both temptation and threats didn't seem to work on her.

"You have apologized. Can I leave now?" Autumn asked impatiently. "If you only came here to make an apology, then well, you have done tha

your future in the entertainment business. Don't forget what you promised me. If you don't fulfill your promise, I will have no mercy while ruining your life, " she asked with bubbling anger. "I finally managed to get you to the party, but you disappeared. What do you mean?"

Roger was hiding in one corner of the party. "Rachel, of course I remember what I promised. I just ran into some problem with my initial plan, " he giggled nervously as he tried to battle her questions.

"What happened?" Rachel asked coldly to understand how he failed.

"Long story. Can we meet now?" Roger requested optimistically. Since everyone present had all gathered in the hall, they decided to meet at the entrance of bathroom.

Once Rachel hung up, Edward walked up to her. "Who were you talking to? Why do you look so angry?" he asked curiously.

"Nothing important. It was no one of significance, " Rachel replied nervously as she was taken aback. "My assistant is so lame. She cannot handle one task without bothering me... Well, I need to go to the lady's room, " she complained, once she composed herself.

"I see, " Edward replied as he doubted her fabricated response. He fixed his eyes on Rachel's back as she walked away, thinking that she was certainly hiding something and was probably trying to concoct some other devious plan.

Just as he was about to follow her, Chris walked up to him and asked, "Dad, what brought you here tonight?"

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