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   Chapter 347 A Press Conference (Part One)

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On the fateful and joyous day, Autumn returned to her origin, the Zhao family, and her father's electronic organ which had been lost for years was gifted to her. She was grateful as she felt the great power of fate in works.

"I hope you like it, " Sam said with hopeful eyes. Looking at Autumn's bright and excited face, he felt that it was worth the trouble to find the electronic organ. "I heard you lost this electronic organ when you moved. I wonder if it happened to be picked up by someone nearby. Then I learned that a trash collector had found it. He had a daughter who wanted to learn the piano, so he gave it to her. After I explained the situation to him, I traded him a piano for the electronic organ. The damage has been repaired. A surprise, isn't it?"

"Yes, this really is a big surprise. I cannot even begin to express how much this means to me. Thank you so very much, Sam, " Autumn replied dripping with emotions as she held the electronic organ tightly in a grateful embrace. No birthday present could be better for her than this.

Gary also prepared a birthday gift for Autumn, which was a box of tea sets. He knew that Autumn was a demure girl, who liked making and tasting tea quietly instead of shopping for other extravagant luxuries that tempted other girls.

Autumn took the gift and expressed her gratitude. Then all eyes were affixed on Charles. "Charles, it's your wife's birthday. All of us have given our presents. What have you gotten her?" Chris asked impatiently as her curiosity was peaking.

"Come on, give me your present, " Autumn demanded with a hopeful look.

Charles glanced at Autumn, and then at Sam with reproachful eyes. "Well, Sam, you gave her your thoughtful present first, and now no matter what gift I give her, it will not be as good as yours, " he expressed his concern in all honesty.

"That is not necessary, Charles, " Chris assured him, "you're the most special man in Autumn's heart, so don't worry. I'm sure she will appreciate and cherish whatever you give her."

Charles let out a dry cough, as he turned to Autumn and lovingly said, "Autumn, I know you've always wanted to travel. But for various reasons, our plans to travel ever since we got married have never materialized, so my birthday gift to you is... "

He paused as he drew out two plane tickets from his po

Edward's arm and walked around the hall with a wide smile on her face. Once she saw Autumn, she let out a sneer, before she turned her head and said something to Edward. As Edward gave her a nod, she went to Autumn. "Hello, Autumn, long time no see, " she greeted.

Autumn cast a sidelong glance at her, and answered coldly, "Hello, Rachel."

"I didn't know that today was your birthday not until yesterday, so I didn't get a chance to buy you a present. Here's a bracelet. I hope you like it. Happy birthday!" Rachel said and handed her a beautifully wrapped box. This birthday gift was of great value, but everyone knew that Rachel was the spokesperson of the bracelet's brand. And there was high chance it was given to her by the advertiser. Obviously, she was annoying Autumn on purpose by doing so.

Autumn stared at the present and hesitated to take it. "Don't you like it?" Rachel asked with a sly smile in her eyes. Autumn knew that she was deliberately trying to embarrass her in full view of the public. If she did not accept the gift, people would say she was arrogant and rude, but she was angry with Rachel and did not want to accept the gift.

"Well, I guess you don't like this present. I'll send you another gift in a few days then." Before Autumn could say anything, Rachel sneered and was about to take the gift back when Autumn caught it.

"You're absolutely wrong." Autumn smiled and said, "How could I not like your generous gift? But this bracelet isn't worth as much as your autograph. Why don't you sign the box later, Rachel?"

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