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   Chapter 346 A Birthday Gift

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Over the weekend, a press conference was held in Zhao family's house. Coincidentally, Autumn's birthday was also at the same day. With both these events, both the Zhao family and Lu family were pretty busy and occupied recently.

Autumn got up quite early in the morning, got dressed and did an extensive make-up routine. She put on the clothes bought by Chris especially for the event. In Chris' view, every lady should dress well and enjoy fashion when she was young, otherwise it would be too late for her to spend time on her appearance when she was old.

Autumn instantly laughed as she heard Chris say that. "You got a smart mouth."

"Isn't that true?" Chris stared at Autumn's delicate face, then said, "Autumn, you're so pretty. Why don't you take good care of your skin?"

"I don't consider beauty as a useful and important aspect, somehow." Autumn never thought she could get an edge or receive undue benefits owing to her beauty. When she was a child, her father Bowen always told her that her mother was very beautiful in her early 20s.

Wendy, however, hurt Bowen badly.

Therefore, Bowen always taught her one lesson: Do not care about your appearance, but instead work on your personality and inner beauty. This was the most valuable aspect.

"But beauty is a big advantage." Chris yet again tried to convince Autumn of her perspective, "For example, if two young girls are seeking jobs in your company, one is good-looking and the other one is rather ugly, who would will you select?"

Chris smiled bitterly, and then continued in a soft tone, "That's the bitter truth. In this society, everyone will choose the former one. And the two girls will diverge to take separate paths in life."

Chris helped Autumn fix up her outfit, gently pushed her in front of the mirror, and said in a cheerful voice, "Well, Autumn, look at yourself in the mirror. Don't you think you look elegant and so much more refined?"

Autumn took a quick and yet casual glance at herself. However, she could not conceal her shock to see that nice clothes had actually made such a magical and transformatio

rned red instantly. She asked him again for assurance as his silence was making her feel queasy. "Charles, are you sure I look good?"

"Yes, I am sure." Charles firmly nodded his head, then steadily said, "Let's go. Don't keep them waiting any longer."

Only he knew, how badly he controlled his urge and impulse to put her on the bed and tell her how beautiful she looked with his actions.

When they went downstairs, Sam was adjusting Chris' hair. They were a perfect match for each other.

Upon noticing Autumn going downstairs, Sam came forward and sincerely wished her, "Autumn, happy birthday. I hope you have a good year ahead!"

"Thank you so much." Autumn smiled as she appreciated his blessing.

"I didn't know what you're interested in, so chose this for you. I hope you will like it. Here, do open it." Sam handed her a box. After opening it, Autumn was beyond stunned. She never imaged he would give her that.

"How did you have this?"

An electronic organ was neatly packed inside the box; Bowen used to teach her to play it years ago. Even though the electronic organ had been used for a long time, Autumn still cherished it very much. All the keys were preserved well. It had been lost when Autumn moved out from her original home. She even cried several times thinking of the loss of this electronic organ. Its sudden appearance made Autumn feet overwhelmed with emotions.

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