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   Chapter 345 Premarital Phobia

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"Do I?" Sam was extremely worried about Autumn. The moment he realized that he had lost sight of Chris, he felt very sorry for her. He immediately explained to her, "I have been too busy these days to care about you, and I sincerely apologize for that."

"It doesn't matter." Chris said to Sam with a worried expression on her face, "Sam, I don't know what on earth has got you so worried and anxious. But I want to remind you that after our our wedding ceremonies next year, we will legally be man and wife. With that in mind, I wish we could deal with the dilemma no matter how it may impact us. As you can probably see, Charles and Autumn deeply trust each other, so nothing will do them apart. The foundation of their relationship strongly rests on love and trust. I hope to build the same with you! "

"Are you envious of them?" Sam asked her with curiosity as a frown set on his face.

"Of course, I do!" Chris got happy and excited just at the very mention of Charles and Autumn. "Charles has been my role model even since I can recall. All through childhood he guided me. He is a perfectionist with every work he takes up, irrespective of how small or big it is. So I do admire him quite a lot. And about his marriage, although he married the wrong bride, he married a girl who was the right fit for him, his true soulmate. Autumn is also a very nice person. No matter what difficulty I face in life, she always knows what to say to guide me in the right direction. Besides, they never have a row with each other. I don't know what you think of them, but I really envy them."

Sam couldn't help laughing. "Then, we won't have a row with each other in the future, either, I promise you that. No matter what happens with me, I will inform you immediately so we can face it together."

"OK. This is a deal." Chris was content and happy with his dedicated answer.

Sam was eager to tell Chris about the Autumn's volatile emotions. But after thinking over it, he decided against it and kept it a secret from Chris. Anyway, this secret would not affect their relationship and it wasn't definite. He didn't want to spread it around because it was her story to tell.

"It is getting dark. I should head back home now, " Sam said. Before he left, he added, "My parents are busy with the wedding preparation. As for things like taking wedding photos and the like, it's all your decision do whatever you think necessary to

tumn complain about her marriage.

Autumn smiled as she said, "Yes, we both do appear quite happy. But you look on the bright side, there is a long enough courtship period for Sam and you to get along with each other. In my opinion, you managed to build up the relationship with Sam when all the conditions were working against you. Unlike your brother and me, the start between us was confused. But after our wedding, we have no extra time to go shopping. We were caught by life, somehow."

Autumn sighed, "And you know, how excellent your brother is. I am just as ordinary as any other girls. I am now growing tired of fending off the admirers wandering around your brother."

"Autumn, you need not worry about that at all." Chris patted her chest and said to Autumn, "You are the only one in his heart. He won't respond or give any attention to a single one of those admirers. You can give your mind some rest."

Autumn smiled and declined to comment. She said, "You are just suffering from premarital phobia. You are not worried about marriage but your future.You should always be happy by keeping in mind Sam's kindness. You should believe that no matter what direction relationship takes, he will always be nice towards you and take concern in your welfare."

Autumn's words suddenly jolted Chris out of her jitters. Chris smiled at her, and said, "Autumn, every time I talk with you, I feel lighter and always learn something from you. Now I am really happy that my brother married you."

"OK, stop flattering me here." Autumn replied with a smile, "It has gotten way too late now. Please go to bed."

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