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   Chapter 343 An Apology

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"Okay." Charles nodded at Andy and went to Autumn. He gave her a pat on the shoulder and whispered, "Autumn, wake up. Let's go home."

When Autumn opened her eyes, Charles' face was onto hers. She asked as she rubbed her sleepy eyes, "Have you finished your conversation?"

"Yes. Let's go home, " Charles said. He was used to ignoring his wife as long as he threw himself into his work. For this, he felt a sense of guilt.

Charles escorted Autumn into the car. When they left, Autumn was wide awake. Charles noticed that Autumn was staring blankly in the passenger seat and he apologized, "Were you bored just now? I'm so sorry about that."

"Sorry for what?" It took quite a while for Autumn to get back into the moment. Her mind had been adrift somewhere far away. When she realized why Charles made an apology, she replied with a smile, "It's okay. You were talking about business. I couldn't join in, so yes, I felt kind of bored."

"Work usually eats up all my attention. If I ignore something, especially you, please remind me." Charles' apology was sincere.

"It is okay." Autumn said gently.

It was odd that she always got distracted. Her good mood was easily spoiled. Even small matters affected her significantly.

As soon as they arrived home, Nancy came forward and took their coats and bags. "Mr. Lu, Mrs. Lu, have you had supper? Do you want some snacks or maybe desert?" Nancy asked eagerly.

"No, thank you, Nancy." Charles replied, "We are okay. You can go to bed."

"What about Mrs. Lu?" Nancy turned her gaze to Autumn. She knew Autumn's habit of having a glass of milk before bedtime. Autumn was about to reply, but Nancy said, "Your milk is ready. Do you want to have it now?"

"Yes." Autumn agreed with a nod. After finishing the milk Nancy brought from the kitchen, she said, "Thanks Nancy, have an early night."

Nancy wasn't friendly to Autumn. But she treated Autumn with civil respect. It was enough for Autumn.

Autumn had intended to wait for Charles. After his shower, maybe they could have a talk. Som

n damaged.

She could forget about him on condition that her life returned to normal.

"Miss Ye, I am serious. I owe you an apology. Please give me a chance to say it." Roger insisted. He had to try his best to lure Autumn so as to get the role Rachel promised.

"You seem to not have heard it. Autumn said that she didn't need your apology. Didn't you understand what she said?" Isla retorted. A shameless person like Roger was really annoying.

Roger didn't give up easily. If he couldn't get close to Autumn, it would be impossible for him to win her heart. Even though Isla and Autumn were being difficult, he wouldn't surrender easily.

"Miss Ye, I …" Roger reached out to Autumn's hands but he was blocked by Isla. She stared at Roger up and down. "If you don't leave now, I will call the guards." Her eyes were reduced to slits.

Isla was smart. She knew Roger's weakness. As a promising actor, his career would be tainted if his shameful behavior was caught on camera. As soon as he heard that Isla would call the guards, he backed down and made no further advances. Before he left, he said, "Miss Ye, I know you are suspicious of my intentions. But I am here to say I am sorry. You will soon see how sincere I am."

It took quite a long time to drive Roger away. When things got settled, Isla asked, "Autumn, what happened? Why did he come here?"

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