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   Chapter 342 Hot Pot

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Autumn didn't know what was going on, but the road to Shining Company was too congested. It was almost time to get off work when she finally got there.

"Charles..." Autumn was standing downstairs, waiting for Charles. She saw him coming out of the presidential private elevator the moment it opened. She wanted to go to him and greet him warmly, but she also saw Leila following closely behind Charles. Autumn hated Leila's presence. It was like a cold bucket of water that was poured on her. She was going to wave to her husband, but dropped her hand on seeing Leila.

As soon as Leila came out of the elevator, she also saw Autumn. She moved close to Charles on purpose. From Autumn's angle, she could hardly hear what they were talking about, but she could see they seemed more intimate than before.

"Mr. Lu, I will go now. No need to disturb you and your wife." Leila said with a bright smile on her face. When she passed by Autumn she also greeted her as if nothing had happened.

Autumn was too overwhelmed to say hello to Leila. The intense feelings in her heart suddenly came up again. Her heart beat too fast.

Charles came close to Autumn and asked curiously, "Hello there! What's wrong with you? Why are you standing here in a daze?"

Autumn didn't answer Charles' question. "Why do you take the elevator down with her?"

That elevator was for Charles only. Without his permission, no one else could take it.

"You are starting to make blind guesses again." Charles just stared at Autumn. He explained, "She said she had something urgent to deal with after work, so she asked me if she could use the elevator with me. As you can see, we have so many employees in Shining Company. If she waited for the staff elevator, who knows when she will be able to come down? Therefore, I allowed her to take the elevator with me. What's wrong with that? Why are you so terribly suspicious and paranoid?"

Autumn didn't know the reason, either. Recently, she found her mood to be volatile, like the weather outside. She couldn't help giving malice to the relationhip between Charles and Leila. She had lost control of her emotions.

"Sorry, nothing serious. Let's go. Grandpa and grandma must already be waiting for us." Charles didn't mean to scold Autumn. He just thought that there could be something wrong with Autumn's emotional stability.

Autumn forced herself not to think of the r

"Grandma, you can rest assured that I will work hard so that you get to see your grandson as soon as possible." Charles also joined with the joking. Only Autumn looked down at the floor.

Fortunately, after a little while, they changed their topic. Autumn had been helping Emily eat, so she had no time to eat anything herself.

After dinner, Autumn assisted Emily to her bedroom. She didn't come back out until she helped Emily finish bathing and lie on the bed. With everything done, Autumn came out to relax herself on the sofa. At that time, Amy brought her a plate of fruit, saying, "How about having some fruit? I did not see you eat much at the table."

"Thank you, grandma." Autumn smiled with sweetness. Then, before Abby went downstairs, she said to Autumn, "Remember to make some time. The press conference will be held this Sunday."

Autumn blanked for a while, pausing as she was about to put a piece of fruit in her mouth. She then remembered what the conference would be about. "Okay, I will."

Every time Charles visited the Zhao family, he would always talk about work with Andy. Now as usual, he was chatting with Andy. Abby went upstairs to get Cindy to sleep, leaving Autumn alone sitting on the sofa, bored. It had been a long time before Charles was done talking with Andy. Charles then remembered Autumn was still sitting nearby. So he turned to check on Autumn, only to find that she had almost fallen asleep on the sofa.

"Autumn is so sleepy. Let's chat next time, shall we?" Andy advised with a smile, "It's too late now. Let's go out for a drink some other day."

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