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   Chapter 340 Inducement

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"I saw her again when I was shooting today. Then I approached her and said hello. I first thought that she came looking for me. Sure enough, when she saw me, she came over and asked whether I wanted to have dinner with her and maybe have a chat over coffee after." Roger was quite good at turning black into white.

"And then? What happened after that?"

Rachel became excited. Finally she had found the best way to get even with Autumn.

"She's beautiful, so I talked with her for quite some time. But I didn't agree to go out for dinner with her. I had another scene to shoot later that day." Roger pretended to sigh, then said to Rachel, "Later on, when I was about to continue shooting, Charles Lu showed up. When I saw his face, I remembered that some recent online reports and I realized that Autumn was his wife.

I was curious at that time. Why would a married woman want chat with me?" Roger frowned.

"No matter how hard I tried to explain, Charles Lu did not believe anything that I said. He just believed what his wife told him. Unlucky for me, she was pretending to have been wronged and kept crying. He even convinced Director Zhang to fire me. As for everybody else, they all sided with Autumn and only believed her. So here I am, really desperate." Roger sighed again as he looked at Rachel with pitiful eyes, "Is it because I'm not a woman?

Or is it because I can't cry and show my vulnerability?

Director Zhang did not dare offend Charles Lu. That's why he fired me." Roger stared at Rachel firmly, "Rachel, you know that it is because of Autumn, that bitch, that I am now jobless. You have me at your disposal. Say the word and I will give her a hard time!"

"Roger, let's make a deal, " Rachel said with delight. Rachel believed every bit of his tale.

Roger smiled, pretending to be sincere, then said, "Rachel, we are friends, you should know. If you need my help, just say it out. Don't use the word 'deal', please."

"That's two different things. I think we should make it clear. If you can help me, I will also do you a favor. As they say, 'You scratch my back and I scratch yours.'" Rachel thought it was better to have everything clear. She didn't want to owe other people anything.

"Okay, then say it to me." Roger paused for a while, and then said, "I wi

e was surprised so see a group of people sit in the living room. When they saw Autumn they hurriedly went to her. "Autumn! Are you okay? How do you feel? Are you feeling better?"

"I'm fine." Autumn immediately reassured to them. She didn't want them to worry about her. "Grandpa and grandma! What a pleasant surprise! What's going on? What brought you here?"

"You haven't been home for several days. Your grandma missed you so much." Arthur smiled, "Today I have some spare time so I brought them here to visit you. Gary said that you were sick. Why didn't you let us know? Call us the next time, or your grandma will be upset, not knowing what's going on with you."

Arthur said, waving a finger at her. Autumn was happy to know that there were people who cared a lot about her.

"I'm fine now. Grandma, don't worry about me." Autumn hugged her grandma and asked softly, "How about Betty?"

"She's okay. Nothing new." Amy sighed and changed the subject back to Autumn. "You are really fine now?"

"Yes grandma, I'm fine now. Stop worrying about me." Autumn then realized that she hadn't been to their home for a long time and felt sorry. However, she quickly said to them, "I'm so sorry. I know you made all this effort to come see me. But I have to go to work now. I will be back and spend some time with you after work. How does that sound?"

"Sounds great!" replied the elderly visitors. Amy was happy as a child. She asked Autumn with a grin, "What do you want to eat, dear?

I'll buy some on the way back home."

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