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   Chapter 339 A Trade-off

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"During your overseas business trip... did you happen to meet Aron in Europe?" Autumn finally decided to talk it over with Charles and put an end to the matter, otherwise, this would forever bother her.

"Did I meet Aron? I did not." Charles expressed his shock as he answered her question.

"Aron..." Autumn managed to blurt out what she knew, "Aron told me that he found Leila and you in a jewelry store. Moreover....."

"Oh, now I understand what was bothering you! " In one swift moment after hearing her, Charles leaped off the bed and immediately took out two boxes from his briefcase and handed it over to Autumn, "Open them and be prepared for a surprise."

"What are in these boxes..." Upon opening the boxes, Autumn was pleased, relieved and surprised to find the bracelet and necklace she had been admiring for a while.

"Why don't you try them on? Charles urged, "As Leila was your colleague and a woman, I thought she would be able to help me choose jewelry that you would like. With that in mind, I asked her to accompany me into the store."

Charles sighed, "Out of all the possible things, this is rather unnecessary for you to quarrel with me over something so trivial!"

Autumn's face turned red with embarrassment and guilt. "I misunderstood you..."

"You should come to me directly for the truth. I hope in the future you will not be so hasty as to believe anyone who says something in a bid to harm our relationship!" Charles then considerately made a suggestion to Autumn affectionately, "You are too jealous."

"I will not do it next time." Autumn acknowledged her mistake and also managed to reveal her nightmare to Charles for him to interpret what it could mean, "The other night, I had a dream that you chose to marry Leila as she was carrying your child, which led to our separation. I really..."

The nightmare remained with Autumn like a lingering fear. Charles tried to minimize the effects with comforting words.

Rachel and Edward slept together. After midnight, Rachel put a sleeping pill in the cup of milk which Edward had a habit of drinking every night, she then trysted with Roger, while Edward was unconscious and completely unaware of her betrayal.

Rachel's fear of being dogged steered the path to her b

do have the reputation and name as a lady killer" Roger was somewhat offended by her remark and he expressed his objection, "I am handsome and smart enough to draw her attention!"

"Can you really make it?" Rachel still doubted his capabilities and intention.

"Please trust me!" Roger took the advantage to influence Rachel, "Now I was denied the supporting actor which Director Zhang previously offered me in consideration of your influence. Now you have to talk him back into reemploying me!"

"Give me the entire account of what happened!" Rachel thought to herself if Roger could bewitch Autumn into losing her fidelity, she could do Roger this small favor in return.

"On the condition that you offer me another role." Roger wasted no time in negotiating with Rachel.

Rachel was convinced and would grant Roger whatever he requested as long as Roger was of help to get rid of Autumn, "As long as you serve my end, you will receive handsome rewards."

"Do not take back your words!" Roger was excited at the prospect of his career's revival. He had to be granted another role at the realization of Director Zhang's being adamant about firing him.

Rachel accepted the condition gladly, waiting for Roger's recalling the detailed account of what had happened.

Roger smiled to Rachel, "The other day I bumped against Autumn during an interview with Director Zhang, which evidently hurt her. I asked my assistant to take her to a nearby hospital for treatment, but she declined my offer."

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