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   Chapter 338 A Quarrel Between The Couple

The Substitute Bride By Rabbit Characters: 9402

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"What are you talking about? This is impossible!" Roger was shocked and just couldn't wrap his mind around the news he just heard from the director in such a short span of time.

Director Zhang then addressed him directly as he was starting to get reluctant to continue the conversation, "I had told you what I was supposed to say. And I won't let you go if I have any way to mend the situation, because I also realize that it is equally hard to find a suitable actor on such short notice. But I just couldn't find a way to help you in this entire mess. Why did you have to offend Mrs. Lu? How did you dare to act so irresponsibly? Anyway, you better conduct yourself well."

Director Zhang then left as he finished his warning, leaving Roger alone there, astonished and yet angry.

Roger was stunned for a long time until his assistant came to find him, asking him in a shocked yet flurried voice, "What happened here? I was just gone for a few minutes. The crew told me that you have decided against acting in this movie. Is that true? Why? You have to reconsider your decision."

His assistant tried his best to convince Roger to change his mind. "Do you know how famous Director Zhang is and what many actors would give to be a part of his film? Don't be capricious at such a critical time, this could be a game-changer in your career. Roger, please listen to me. Let us go, apologize to him and if things work in our favor he will be generous enough to give you another chance."

He tried to pull Roger out of shock and into momentum as he finished putting his proposition forward. However, Roger was sure that it was too late for him to make any amends. In fact he knew what he could do right now was to ask Rachel for her help. She was the last straw he could draw out of his deck.

Roger glanced at his assistant and said, "Call Rachel right this moment. I have some other plans and for that I have to meet her tonight. Hurry up and go now!"

"Roger, be practical. This is not the right time or even the place for you to think in that direction. Please focus on your work. This decision will shape your future career in this industry." The man tried to convince him as his brow furrowed.

"Stop blabbering here, I did not ask for your advice. Go ahead and do as I asked. I know what I am doing with my career, " Roger impatiently yelled out. Anxious with a hint of anger, he was like an ant on a hot pan.

After coming back from the hotel, Autumn insisted on going back to office while Charles was reluctant to let her go in that moment. "Autumn, I think we are in desperate need of a chat. Please don't even think of going to the company now. Let's head home first, " Charles said in a firm tone.

Before Autumn could respond, Charles just led her into the car and drove home. Once they got

ng the water with his fingers he took her into the bathtub. All of a sudden, Autumn felt her exhaustion vanish as the her body soaked in the hot water.

"Is the water okay?" Charles asked her, as he began to rub her back gently. Even they were a legally married couple and had sex multiple times, Autumn still felt adventurous. She grabbed the towel from Charles, and said, "I can do it."

"Don't move. Let me help bathe you." Charles insisted on bathing her. Slowly and gently, Charles rubbed her body. He then dried her down after the shower which made Autumn felt like a pampered brat. A feeling of happiness surged up in her heart.

"Well, done." Charles turned off the hair drier and said to Autumn, "Now go back into bed and take some rest. I will take a quick shower and join you very soon."

Indeed, he finished his shower within ten minutes and then got into bed, drawing her into his warm embracing arms. "Autumn, can we talk now? I am so eager to know why you were angry with me. Please tell me."

It was normal for a newly married couple to quarrel.

Charles heaved a sigh, as he stroked her hair affectionately and continued, "I am your husband. No matter what happened and what you were thinking, I hope you know you can tell me. If I did something wrong, then you should tell me so that I can correct myself and improve our relationship. But you shouldn't just remain mad at me without saying anything. What do you think?"

Autumn, lay in his arms quietly, as she contemplated on how to express her feeling.

"Charles, I..." She suddenly sat up, and looked at him with sincere eyes. But then she hesitated to speak.

"What are you trying to tell me, Autumn? Just say it without thinking so much. It is just me." Charles asked her and as he simply wanted to understand her. Therefore, he urged Autumn to say something as he was growing anxious.

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