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   Chapter 337 A Useless Favoritism

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 6089

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Upon seeing Charles's displeasure, Director Zhang realized that something was wrong.

As a matter of fact, Charles was there to get his revenge at Roger, not to please him.

Roger was incredibly determined to be a huge inconvenience to Autumn as Charles' wife.

"I'm not asking you to talk. I'm only demanding an explanation from him, " Charles said, glancing coldly to Director Zhang.

Suddenly put on the spot with no room to escape, Roger found it hard to defend himself.

"Did you hear what I just said?"

Charles asked in contempt.

"What are you waiting for? Answer Mr. Lu!"

Director Zhang ushered, pushing Roger to talk.

"I…" Roger trailed, crouching before Charles.

He wasn't able to utter a word until he looked up to see Charles.

"Are you sure that she's your girlfriend?"

Charles grinned, challenging Roger.

"No…" he stuttered.

"Definitely not."

He finally confessed, hoping that Charles would forgive him.

"What did you say?

I didn't hear it clearly, "

Charles asked Roger in disdain.

"Mr. Lu, I sincerely apologize. I admit my mistake. It was all my fault."

Having been offended Charles, Roger further realized that he was overwhelmed by a growing sense of regret and emptiness. "I found Mrs. Lu attractive so I asked her out. But she rejected me immediately. I had no choice but to lie to you because you saw us at that very moment. I hope you and your wife can forgive me for any trouble I may have caused."

"You think I can do that? It's impossible for me to forgive you!"

Autumn scorned, knowing full well that she could not simply forgive him because he enjoyed flirting with young ladies.

"I admit my mistakes, Mrs. Lu. Please give me a chance to redeem myself!"

Roger pleaded earnestly.

Feeling useless, Director Zhang tried to intervene.

contradict him."

He explained. "Besides, Mr. Lu will cover the compensation and there will be nothing to lose for me."

Director Zhang paused and continued, "You know what? It's really unfortunate for you to provoke Mrs. Lu. I can't do anything to save you this time. You have to bear the consequence of what you did."

"But you have to take into consideration Rachel's strong recommendation!" he said in an attempt to change Director Zhang's decision. Roger had no choice but to mention Rachel because she's famous actress with long-standing reputation.

Upon seeing Director Zhang's troubled and worried expression at the simple mention of Rachel, Roger thought that the director began to soften. "Director Zhang, all I want is to act on the play. We should end this argument once in for all. Don't you think?"

"I agree. Let's not talk about this anymore, " he said, nodding his head. "But I must say this. Your connection with Rachel is worthless because of what you did to Mrs. Lu."

Looking Roger straight in the eye, Director Zhang decided to tell him, "Do you know that Rachel has upset Charles before and ended up losing every role in show business? Now you will suffer more than Rachel did."

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