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   Chapter 336 A Bad Joke

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Realizing his blunder, he quickly turned the tables on Autumn, using his skills as an actor. "It's you who have been lying! You never mentioned you were married when we got together. Shame on you!" he declared, glaring at the woman with an added effect. Turning to Charles, he added, "Married women tend to seduce men. You'll be better off distancing yourself from women like her, or you'll end up being cuckolded."

Shocked, Autumn burst out, "Stop talking such nonsense!"

She could feel her face heating up. Autumn was horrified that a man she hardly knew could say such cruel things about her.

She struggled for composure, feeling uncomfortable.

"I don't know you at all, " she told Roger. "How could you say those things about me?"

Trying to defend herself, she then turned to Charles to plead for understanding.

However, she was totally unaware that Charles had witnessed the entire encounter between them without being noticed. This gave him a pretty good idea about Autumn and Roger's real relation.

"Women are flirtatious. I was 'Honey' when we were in bed. But the moment the affair is found out, she's quick to disassociate herself from me!" Roger said as he proceeded to further embarrass Autumn, noting her discomfort. Turning to Charles, he tried to explain, "Bro, I really didn't know she was married. If I did, I would never have hooked up with her!" Then he added, "Let me give you a piece of advice if you want to avoid another scandal in the future... divorce her."

"Damn you! I'm going to kill you!" Autumn shrieked.

She wanted to get her hands on Roger just to teach the jackass a lesson. But Charles quickly kept her from lunging at the insensitive man.

Instead, he hugged Autumn tight and gently said, "Calm down. You don't want to rise to his bait."

"I don't care, " she sputtered. "I really want to get my hands on him."

A good reputation is crucial to a woman's social life. What Roger did and said was not only cruel, but truly disgraceful.

Charles felt slightly awkward with Autumn's outburst. "Don't worry. I'm on your side, " he said, holding her tighter as he tried to comfort her.

Autumn might have considered herself fortunate to have married a man like Charles who was willing to protect her. She may have even believed that he was willing to help her deal with unpleasant situations,

actor, " Charles nodded, smirking.

Pleased at the words but oblivious to Charles' expression, Director Zhang added, "His acting skills are absolutely natural, almost flawless. It's as if he was born to be an actor."

He turned as he motioned Roger to come over, "Hurry up. Come and meet Mr. Lu."

The director pulled Roger. While the man may be a good actor, right now he didn't seem very smart, he thought. He was throwing away the chance to meet an influential man, as he stood to the side quietly.

"Mr Lu, I am Roger Han. Pleased to meet you, " he finally said, offering his hand.

Sweat beaded on his forehead as he tried to figure out what to do in their current situation.

He recalled what he told Autumn earlier and regretted his behaviour. Those words likely caused him what could have been a successful career and stardom.

"He's just a little nervous, " Director Zhang smiled apologetically.

"But you are absolutely correct. Roger is a reliable actor."

But Charles would have none of it. "Enough!"

He frowned, growing more impatient by the minute. He was sick of hearing the director praise Roger so he decided to stop him. He was tired of hearing how good of an actor he was.

Charles dragged Autumn until she stood in front of Roger. Slowly, voice dripping with menace, he told him, "Why don't you look at her very closely? Is she… your girlfriend?"

"I don't understand, " Director Zhang said in disbelief.

He looked at Autumn, nearly stammering as he quipped, "Are you kidding, Mr. Lu? How can she be Roger's girlfriend?"

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