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   Chapter 331 Getting Sick

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"What's the matter? Why do you look so weird and mysterious?" Autumn asked with a faint smile. Because of Isla's hesitant look, she could feel in her gut that something was wrong. She didn't show it though, trying to cover her anxiety with a smile.

In fact, she was so nervous that she had clenched her fists.

"Autumn, I will only tell you what I know. But... it will be up to you to decide whether it is the truth or not." Isla replied with a stern look.

She actually believed Charles. But this matter was so fishy that she thought Autumn should know about it.

Autumn's heartbeat grew stronger. "Oh, Just say it. I'm fine, " she said soberly, taking a deep breath.

Isla looked at Autumn with concern. 'Autumn is just acting tough. She must be very restless inside and this must be killing her but she has to know, ' she decided.

"Do you remember when I mentioned to you that Aron was in Europe as well? He ran into Charles there, " she said, taking Autumn's hand.

"Did he?" Autumn replied between gritted teeth. "And what was Charles doing when Aron saw him?"

"He..." Isla stammered, not knowing how to say it. "He was in a jewelry shop with Leila and kept asking for Leila's advice. If Aron didn't know that Charles was married to you, he would have mistaken them for a couple. He bought a necklace there and then they left, " she said bluntly after some hesitation. Those were some of the most difficult words she ever had to say to someone.

Autumn's face turned deathly pale. "I... I see, " she uttered, looking at Isla and forced a smile on her face.

"Autumn, are you all right?" Isla asked anxiously, noticing Autumn's face slide helplessly into hopeless sorrow. "I didn't want it to come from me, but I thought that you should know about it. Autumn, don't think too much. Perhaps he was picking up a gift for you. And cheer up. Maybe we can go out shopping. You shouldn't sulk here by yourself, " she continued, holding onto Autumn's hand.

"I know, " replied Autumn who was now feeling numb all over. Isla regretted telling Autumn the news seeing what it had done to her.

She knew Autumn well. 'If she comforts herself by crying or screaming out and losing her temper, I'm sure that she will feel better soon. She just needs to let off some of that steam. But now she... I'm really worried about her.


now who. The only one she thought of was Sam, so she gave him a call. Soon Sam arrived at the hospital.

"How is she?" Sam asked Chris.

Chris glanced at Autumn who was lying on the bed, trembling with pale skin. "It's my fault. If I should have known earlier, then she wouldn't have suffered so much, " Chris said, looking inconsolable.

"You silly little fool, it's not your fault, " Sam comforted her, stroking her shoulder. "Stay here and watch over her. The saline drip is running out. Don't forget to ask the nurse to replace it with a new one. I will talk to the doctor and ask about her condition."

"Okay, I will." Chris nodded. Chris didn't know what to do. 'Thank goodness Sam is here.' she thought, feeling relieved.

Sam found the doctor in the corridor. He reassured Sam that there was nothing to worry about. Autumn would be fine when the fever dissipated. Besides, the doctor added that her illness was caused by excessive fatigue, getting a cold and possibly, some mental and emotional stress. Sam was relieved. Nothing serious then.

The doctor cast Sam a reproachful glance, and said, "As her husband, you ought to pay more attention to her. You need to figure out what she has been thinking about recently and if there is anything bothering her. You must learn to resolve whatever issues you have with each other. Only in this way can she fully recover."

Although he was mistaken by the doctor as Autumn's husband, he didn't correct him. He just replied apologetically. "Well, I see. You are right doctor. It won't happen again."

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