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   Chapter 328 Have A Love Affair Stealthily With Another Man

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However, she never once expected that the Giant Promise Company would come forward to protect Autumn in such a big manner, and this shocked her.

Edward shook his head helplessly as he glanced at Rachel; he knew nothing good would come out of looking into it anymore. He had no other way to turn so he let out a weak sigh.

Rachel didn't dare to offend Edward at this point. Once she found that he had calmed down, she began acting like a brat. "I am so sorry. I didn't mean for something like this to happen. Had I known this would happen, I would have postponed the renovation. I just didn't expect such consequences, " Rachel said with an apologetic look.

However, her words failed to move Edward, so she had to make persistent efforts to convince him. "I am sorry, Edward. This is all my mistake. It is the first time I have taken such a big responsibility to manage such a huge hotel and I just wanted everything to be perfect, but... I really didn't expect to mess it up in this manner. I really did try my very best. "

She suddenly burst into tears as she spoke. After a small pause, Rachel went on, "I didn't think it would get so serious. There should have been time to take some precautionary steps, but... I was busy preparing for our wedding and it distracted me from the business. I told Miss Ye to slow down and drop the haste, but she declined my suggestion."

"Miss Ye? Who are you talking about?" The moment he heard this from Rachel, Edward felt things falling into shape.

Rachel looked up at Edward with a pitiful look, as her eyes glistened with tears. "I mean Autumn, Charles' wife."

She now found a new motive and determination which was to blame Autumn. "Perhaps it is because I am Charles' ex-girlfriend, and it always does seem like she is against me. I explained it to her many times that Charles and I had nothing now, but she just turned a deaf ear towards everything I ever said."

She said as tears kept trickling down her cheeks which began to annoy Edward. "Stop crying. Enough with the melodrama, " Edward interrupted her impatiently.

"There is no use of crying now, " he said with a sigh.

"Edward... Do you still blame me for how things went down?" As she wiped her tears away, Rachel asked in a shaky voice as she stared at Edward.

He took a big breath and then began speaking, "There is no use of blaming you now that everything has happened. But you have to remember that no matter what you are going to do, you have to be careful and be aware that everything has consequences. Don't do this again, okay?"

"I un

utumn to intensify.

But now that she had said those words, Rachel was unable to fix this. She had an appointment in the afternoon and it was already time for her to leave.

She went back into her bedroom, and changed her clothes. As she was about to leave, she saw Edward sitting on the couch, reading a newspaper. He even didn't take a look at Rachel as she went out. They just got married yesterday, but now he had turned so indifferent to her which seemed to ridiculous.

Seeing this, Rachel stepped towards Edward and said in a soft voice, "Edward, I have some work to do and I need to go out for a film shooting now. But I will be back for dinner with you, okay?"

"Em, sure, " he replied without a shard of emotion.

After she got his uninterested approval, Rachel turned to leave. She drove to a hotel, looking around carefully before entering the building to ensure no one was following her. After she got out of the car, she rushed to a room.

She rang the doorbell and soon the door swung open for her. A strong arm stretched out, pulled her in and closed the door immediately leaving an empty hallway behind them.

Rachel giggled as her slim waist was grabbed by the man. "Keep your pants on! Let me catch my breath for a moment, ' Rachel said in a bashful and flirty tone.

"Honey, I missed you so much. We haven't seen each other in days, " said the man. He was dressed in a bathrobe; one could peak at his chiseled upper body naked through the opening. The man had a rather muscular, strong and defined body. He was also a famous star in the entertainment circle. After kissing Rachel's neck, he was unable to hold off his urges while Rachel just enjoyed his kiss with her eyes closed.

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