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   Chapter 325 Achieve The Purpose

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Edward sighed and said, "I also want to make it up to your mother. So even if it costs me all my money, I want you to have a luxurious wedding, to make you happy."

Then he took Chris' hand and said, "Come with me."

They went back to the main reception area and he pulled her up to the stage. By this time, all the guests were enjoying the delicious food together and chatting with each other. Some were moving from table to table getting reacquainted with other guests. Edward picked up the microphone, cleared his throat, and then spoke into the mic, "Distinguished guests..."

Rachel panicked a little when she saw Edward go to the stage with Chris. 'What the hell are they going to do now?' She had a bad feeling about this.

She wanted to drag Edward down from the stage as she heard what Edward said. But she just stayed in her chair and dug her nails into it.

"It's not just my wedding today. I have another piece of good news to share with you, " Edward said excitedly. "I have been single for so many years but actually... I have a daughter, " He announced.


"How could it be possible?" There was a second of complete silence, then gasps could be heard from all sides, then a wave of chatter began.

"It must come as a shock to all of you to hear the news but it is the truth. Actually, I just found it out recently. My daughter is no one else but this lovely girl standing here beside me." Edward was proud of having such a beautiful daughter.

"Many people here today must know her already. We do move around in small social circles so she may be familiar to you. So, yes, this is Chris, my daughter." Edward introduced Chris proudly.

"Does Miss Bai know this?"

"Can she accept her? Did you keep this secret from her before you married her?"

The reporters swarmed towards him onstage like bees and asked him some harsh questions, shoving their microphones and recorders into his

n. She felt much happier and said to Autumn, "Thank you, Autumn."

"You're welcome." Autumn said with a smile, "But it was really satisfying to see Rachel so helpless."

"Me too." Chris sneered and said to Autumn, "She has fallen into her own trap. She believed that she could get everything she wanted by marrying Edward but I won't let her tricks come true."

"But they are a couple now. Maybe Edward will change his mind if she complains to him too much, " Autumn said with worry.

"I will have her expose her true intentions and character one day, " Chris promised confidently.

Gary had already seen what happened today when Chris came home and told him her purpose. Gary thought for a long time and sighed, "Fine. At least we can keep part of his fortune in this way. We can't just watch Rachel steal all his money without doing anything."

"I am just worried that you would be angry at me, but now I feel happy because you understand me." Chris didn't tell Gary her intentions before she went to the wedding and now she felt assured that she got his support.

"Silly girl." Gary scolded her in an affectionate tone.

Autumn wanted to say something but was interrupted by a call from Charles. He said, "I'm afraid that I have to stay here for another few days."

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