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   Chapter 318 Kill Two Birds With One Stone

The Substitute Bride By Rabbit Characters: 8018

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Chris almost dragged Autumn out of the cinema abruptly. In fact Autumn knew very well what Chris was thinking. No matter whom she regarded that person, he would always remain her father. Who doesn't want to be the apple of the parents' eyes? Even though Chris wanted to be closer to her father, she would not admit it.

"What is wrong? You don't want to watch the movie as it has Rachel as an actress?"

Autumn and Chris then found a cafe near the cinema hall, where they sat down and ordered two cups of coffee. They began to chat and while away their precious yet free time.

They all had their work to do and responsibilities chalked out. With very little time to spare, they cherished every moment and decided to spend time with one another and chat. It was the small things like this that made all the difference.

"Autumn, let's change the topic. I simply don't want to waste any more of our valuable time together talking about her, " Chris frowned and said in an impatient tone, "I felt uncomfortable just hearing her name."

Right at that moment, the TV in the cafe seemed to buzz a little more loudly. It was broadcasting an interview about Rachel and her wedding ceremony tomorrow. As Chris watched her showing off her relationship with Edward on national television, Chris just wanted to turn it off.

"Please let us just go home." Autumn said as she considered her feelings. She knew Chris definitely had no interest in shopping right now so it was better just to head home.

After so many virtual run-ins with Rachel, they least expected to walk into Rachel hugging Edward on the sofa; both of them had smiles on their face. In contrast, Gary was solemn, sitting right across them.

Marriage seemed to impact the appearance of a person. It must be true. It appeared like Edward was younger than ever before. His looks had substantially changed from his inner body.

"What are you doing here?" Chris got angry and shouted at the both of them.

"Chris." Rachel stood up and tried to hold Chris' hand. "You are home, dear. Your father and I want to..."

"Just shut up!" Chris pushed her hand away and yelled at her, "Father? I don't have a father.

My father has already died!"

"Chris..." Rachel pretended to frown with remorse, but in her head she was feeling smug as she turned around and saw Edward's dull expression. She continued the drama of being kind as she p

pass on the lessons!

You cannot judge how my grandpa educated me, concentrate on the fact that he did educate me. Unlike you. You just seek pleasure with your newly married wife! Don't you think it's ridiculous for a man like you to have other people educate your daughter?"

"You..." Edward fell silent as he felt like he must have owed Chris something from his last birth because he could not even get himself to retort.

Gary stood up, turned to Edward and said to him in a rather cold tone, "I have never thought of her a bad girl. The biggest regret in my life was not educating you to be a good person when I had the chance."

"Grandpa..." Autumn saw that Gary was extremely furious, so she instantly went up and held his arm in a bid to calm him down. "Please don't build your angry. Your health is more important."

"I'm fine." Gary waved his hands, letting Autumn loosen her grip. He had to maintain his dignity in front of Edward. "If you want to marry Rachel, then do it. But after that, you just live your life while staying away from us. Don't bring Rachel here and show off your power. Let's just be strangers and please don't intervene in our life."

"Now I'm exhausted with all of this rubbish talk, I have to rest." Gary sighed, unwilling to deal with the disaster Edward unfurled. When he left, he seemed to be so lonely, as if he was getting much older in such a short time. Inside Edward's heart, he suddenly felt unease without any reason.

He was raised up by Gary. In his eyes, even though Gary was his brother, he was more likely to play the role of his father.

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