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   Chapter 317 It Was Really Discouraging

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"I warned you earlier that Leila was a scheming and manipulative woman, but you still turned a deaf ear. If you had taken my advice into account, things wouldn't have gone down the way they have today. You are responsible for it because even after being aware of what you did, you decided not to act on the information. You should have known better what kind of woman she is, " said Isla with eyes red with anger. She was exasperated with Autumn as she had tried many times to warn her to prevent such a situation.

"Isla, I know that I am in the wrong here and this could be prevented had I seen this coming. I regret not listening to you. Please don't scold me and just understand my perspective!" As she stared at Isla with a remorseful expression, Autumn went on to add, "If I had foreseen any of this, I would have definitely not introduced her to work at Shining Company to begin with. But now it is too late. I don't have a clue of what to do next."

Isla, who was sitting cross-legged on the ground, continued to munch on he drumstick while talking to Autumn. The dish was quite spicy, so as she finished one drumstick, she took a mouthful of milky tea to wash down the overpowering taste of spices. After taking a gulp of the refreshment, she said to Autumn, "Well, in my opinion, Charles will most definitely not fall in love with Leila. So don't cross the bridge until you get there. For now relax and take it easy, " Isla comforted her.

Autumn also believed Charles and his loyalty, but she couldn't deny the fact that she was scared of what dirty tricks Leila would play.

With her brow furrowed, she responded, "I am just worried about Leila. Her affection towards Charles is so clearly visible through her every action. Now that she has finally got the chance to travel for business with Charles to Europe, I am worried that she will do something wrong."

"It is only fair that you will think on those lines. Of course, I understand you. You both have been married for about half a year, right?" Isla asked abruptly as Autumn nodded slightly. "Yes, we have been married for almost half a year. What's wrong?"

"When do you intend to have a baby with him?" Isla ambushed her with yet another question.

"What? Why would you even ask me this?" Shocked and yet a little embarrassed, Autumn asked Isla what her intentions were for asking such questions abruptly.

"Autumn, I think it is the right time for you two to start a family now, " said Isla, as she sighed. Isla paused for a moment and then added, "I know, in the beginning it was not easy for you to marry him and you two have faced ma

t asked with a grin. "This brand of frolic acid is pretty good and I recommend it. Would you like to buy this?"

"Yes, sure." Autumn paid the bill for the folvite as she smiled softly.

From the pharmacy, her home was only a five-minute drive. Once she returned, Autumn found Chris in the living room. It was rare for Chris to be home so early as she usually went for a date with Sam every day. As she spotted the folvite in Autumn's hands, Chris jumped with joy. "Autumn, are you pregnant?" she asked cheerfully which led Autumn to blush almost immediately.

"No, Chris. Not yet, " Autumn replied as she took back the folvite from Chris's hand. She then glanced at Gary's bedroom as she was scared Gary would hear this. "Be quiet, Chris. Grandpa is resting."

Chris made a face at Autumn and stuck her tongue out playfully. "It seems like you have decided to have a baby. Autumn, I am so happy for you, " Chris said.

"This is just a plan." Autumn replied briefly. "Why didn't you go out for a date with Sam today?"

"He is busy with his work. I am so bored. Autumn, would you like to go out to watch a movie? I know a new film is screening and my favorite actor is the lead." Chris asked Autumn with great expectation.

Seeing her excitement, Autumn was unable to decline her invitation and so nodded to express her agreement. "Okay. But wait for a moment. I first have to change my clothes."

They went out for a movie cheerfully but unexpectedly Rachel showed up in the film almost abruptly. Though the scene lasted only for a few seconds, Chris lost interest in it all at once even though her favorite actor was the starring in it. "Autumn, let's go. I don't want to watch this movie anymore. It is just really disturbing."

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