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   Chapter 316 Confiding Troubles

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Autumn felt anxious, but she didn't show it on her face. She had a bad feeling that something would happen during Charles's journey to Europe.

In the meantime, Rachel's wedding ceremony with Edward was approaching. Since Rachel was a celebrity, the news of her wedding received great attention from mainstream media. As a result, reports of their marriage overwhelmed Autumn.

"You know what? Today I called Rachel and asked her when we could see the main hall, but she told me to wait until after her wedding. I was pissed off, " Isla complained while watching the news about Rachel. The more she saw Rachel's face on TV, the more furious she got.

Upon hearing this, Autumn gave a bitter laugh. Embarrassed as she felt, she had told Andy about this in private. After all, she couldn't allow any hiccups at the Giant Promise Company's press conference.

Andy said that he would consider changing hotels if Autumn wasn't allowed to check out the site.

"Autumn, what's up? You look unhappy, " Isla asked cautiously. 'Lately she has been in low spirits. Is she in any trouble?' Isla thought.

"I'm good, " Autumn replied, shaking her head. 'I don't know if it can be called a trouble. I just feel depressed that Charles has been too keen on his work these days. It sounds ridiculous, ' she teased herself.

"Are you really okay?" Isla continued. Autumn was noticeably upset. "If you need to find someone to confide your problems in, just come to me, " Isla said with a sigh, for she realized that Autumn was unwilling to tell her for now.

"I will, " Autumn returned, nodding. She looked at her watch, and stood up hurriedly. "It's getting late. I have to go to the airport to see Charles off. He is flying to Europe today, " she said to Isla.

"Want me to give you a ride?" Isla asked.

"No, thanks, " Autumn answered immediately. "Pay the bill. I have to go now, " she added.

Autumn was in a haste to grab a cab. However, she was caught in

e first time that she had visited Isla's house. Having looked around, she found the room was tidy and cozy. "It seems that you two have moved in together, " Autumn said bluntly, as she noticed the two toothbrushes, two pair of towels as well as man's boxers hung on the balcony.

"He spends the night here occasionally, " Isla admitted, as her face turned red.

"Does he?" Autumn asked with a playful smile. 'As they have just gotten together, they must have stuck together day and night, ' she giggled inside.

"Did he go out today because of me?" Autumn asked.

"No. He has gone on a business trip, " Isla replied hurriedly. "I was told that he had to attend a meeting in Europe. He hasn't come here these days, " she explained.

"Europe? What a coincidence!" Autumn responded. 'What is it? Why do they flock to Europe?' she wondered.

"Just forget him, " Isla said, as she handed the milk tea to Autumn. "Let's talk about you. I find that you look upset recently. What's going on?"

Autumn took a sip of her milk tea. The milk tea was supposed to be sweet, but it only felt bitter.

"Isla, lately I..." Autumn told Leila what had happened to her these days with a frown. She didn't know what to do with Leila. "Isla, what do you think I should do?" she asked, with a worried expression.

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