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   Chapter 315 Another Business Trip

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"Really?" Gary was still worried about her, but Autumn nodded her head with finality. "Yes, it's true. Now, it's almost the end of the year and we have nothing but loads of work to deal with."

Gary gave Autumn a nod, but added, "If he does something stupid, do remember to tell me. I will help you deal with him."

"OK, grandpa. I will. And thanks, " Autumn answered. After they finished eating, Autumn tidied up the table and then went upstairs. She couldn't explain why she was feeling worried somehow.

Charles arrived home close to midnight. That time, Gary wasn't asleep yet. He was waiting for Charles to have a word with him. He motioned for Charles to follow him. "Let's go upstairs."

Gary led Charles to the dining room. He pointed to the remaining food on the table. "You see? Today, Autumn prepared so many dishes because you told her that you would come home for dinner. But what's wrong with you? You didn't return until now. Is that worthy of Autumn's efforts?"

On seeing the food on the table, Charles felt sorry. But the reason why he worked so hard and so late was to give Autumn a good life.

"Grandpa, I ......" Gray interrupted him before he could say another word, "I don't know what you are thinking. I only ask you one question. Are you still in love with Autumn?"

"Grandpa! Yes, of course I am!" Charles looked at Gary, in disbelief. As it turned out, Gary thought that there were some problems between him and Autumn. How ironic it was! Charles stifled his laughter and asked his grandpa, "What are you thinking about, my grandpa? Recently, I've been too busy with the business to care for Autumn. It's my fault but there will never be emotional problems between us. Don't make a blind guess."

"A blind guess?" Gary sneered. As the saying goes, a neutral third party sees the issue in question more clearly than the disputants. In his view, Autumn could now bear a grudge against Charles. If they failed to resolve these issues in time, they were likely to encounter emotional problems sooner or later.

"Charles, you think I'm an alarmist, right? Well, I am not. Charles

nt in Europe wants to have a cooperation with Shining Company, so I need to go there personally for about ......" for about three days. "

"So long ......" Autumn replied with disappointment.

"Well, well." Charles consoled Autumn in his arms, "I know you hate to be away from me. But you need to be aware that whatever I do, I just want to give you a good life. It makes sense, right?"

"Yes of course, it does." Autumn gave him a wry smile. She had no choice but to accept this fact just because only she could best understand Charles.

If she could, she preferred to live a life free of worries with her beloved family rather than pursue an abundant life like now.

"I'm going to take a bath. You can go to sleep ahead before me." When Charles stood up and headed for the bathroom, the usually silent Autumn suddenly called him back, looking a bit embarrassed.

"What's the matter, honey? Do you have something to tell me?" Charles asked with curiosity.

Autumn was hesitant at first. But soon she asked frankly, "You say you are going to Europe this time, then... how many people are going with you?"

"The same people as last time." After Charles answered in a calm voice, he took his clothes to the bathroom directly, leaving Autumn alone on the bed with a myriad of thoughts in her mind.

The same as last time... That's to say, Leila would also go on this business trip with Charles?

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