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   Chapter 314 What's Wrong With You Two

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She wasn't surprised to see Isla and Aron here together. She didn't want to stay at home and didn't want to be in conflict with anyone. But Mandy just ruined everything, and ruined every piece of her fairy tale.

Of course Becky would not give up so easily; she was just looking for a better chance to take her revenge.

"Becky, why do you say that? I am doing this all for you." Mandy asked in disbelief at her daughter's reaction.

Becky sneered, "Oh, come on, you are acting like that because you have just been humiliated."

She shook off Mandy's hands, "I cannot stand being humiliated anymore. You can stay here as long as you want. But I'm leaving now."

"Where are you going?" Mandy asked.

"I'm going home!"

Mandy caught up with Becky. With some hesitation, she decided to go as well. "Wait for me, I'll go with you."

With what just happened, there was no more reason for them to stay any longer. The obvious choice was to leave to save face. Mandy knew it already, but was just looking for the chance to go.

Kay wanted to stir up more trouble and shouted at Mandy who was about to step out the door, "Where are you going? It's your mother's birthday. Are you going to leave like that?"

Mandy staggered and almost fell down, but then she tried to keep her composure and left with Becky.

Seeing them leave, Jina went up to check on Aron. "How are you feeling? A lot has happened to you today."

"I'm fine, Aunt Jina." Aron was kicked several times and got scratched when Mandy was going ballistic. But it was no big deal for him.

"I knew it was going to be hard for you today, but you know, it's a small village. If things were not cleared up between you and Becky, Isla would always be humiliated whenever she walks the streets here. I can't let her suffer like that. She is my beloved daughter." She smiled bitterly at Aron.

"Isla, there is some ointment in the roo

came back to prepare dinner. She was busy all afternoon, but she did n't see Charles even after end of the dinner time.

No one answered the phone when she called again. Looking at the table with all dishes, Autumn was not interested at all.

"Autumn, has Charles come back?" Gary was watching Autumn get busy all afternoon, but not a catch for Charles after this long. He also felt Charles went a bit far.

"Not yet." Autumn laughed and said to Gary, "Grandpa, wait for me. It won't take a second. I'm going to heat up the meal. Let's eat it instead of waiting for him."

Although Autumn tried her best to be happy, Gary still could tell that she was not. She was very depressed, and it showed in her eyes.

Autumn went to heat up the meal without another word. She fell into silence as they had dinner together. Gary could no longer stand it, so he asked, "Autumn, what's wrong with you and Charles recently? I have not seen him in a long time. Are you two fighting?"

"No, grandpa. We are not." Autumn frowned. It would be much simpler if it was just an argument. Unfortunately, there hadn't been a chance to even quarrel now. "Charles has been very busy. He always gets up early and returns late. We are both fine, though. Don't worry about it, grandpa."

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